martes, 14 de abril de 2009

Where the park ends

Where the park ends

After the border fence
!Ouch! side
Begins my park
The real one
That contains cities
And paved mountains

Where I know of a girl
That fails arithmetic
By a constant ten percent
Since motherhood
Just to pay the pediatric's rent

Almost as do some boys
For a man of Panama
That imports the medicine
That sends you
Outside of thyself

To a beautiful state of mind
Where is normal to find
That 8 by 4 equals nine
Or whatever you imagine
That operation could yield

In emergency
In normal
In slow
In very slow
Even on Sunday early evening time

Sometimes, I confess
I have been at the park
Yoga meditating to achieve control
As a politician in the search
Of a stable job

But I know isn’t inside
Where I must search
It’s outside of the park
Where my truth lies
Buried in a trash can

VABM April 14, 2009