martes, 9 de marzo de 2010

No man’s spaces

No man’s spaces

At the beach
In front of open sea

Inside a moonless night
Looking at the deep space

Every point of light
Being a star

A sun with planets
With life

I’ve cried for space sails
Sea still is a no man’s space

I guess that even at nuke subs
One can find oars and sails

VABM March 9, 2010

lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

Time’s whirlwinds

Time’s whirlwinds

At time’s whirlwinds
Things happens
At least three times

During my life
I’ve been at least at three
Time’s whirlwinds:

In a sunny dead end street
Learning all about footballs
Wheels, Bi & Tricycles

Being stroked out
Surrounded by friends
In a burning sunset game

And on a lent cradle
Drowned on the body
Of my youth’s love

So please boy
Don’t tell me more
About the line of time

Please tell me all
About Déjà vu
And the time’s spin

VABM March 8, 2010

sábado, 6 de marzo de 2010

Human animal’s tracks

Human animal’s tracks

I’m following the trembling
Human animal’s tracks
That looks like chains of stars
Inside the cold night

But they´re just
Chaotic strings
Of electric lights
On its planet’s outside

I’m following the stinking path
Of the human animal
But it’s just sulfuric gas
And carbon monoxide

I’m eating human animal’s heart
But I rather prefer herbivores
Plankton eaters and plants
Instead of two legged cannibals

I’m mapping human animal steps
But I’m afraid they can’t glide or fly
I would have laughed
If I had enough time

VABM March 6, 2010

miércoles, 3 de marzo de 2010

Merely time

Merely time

Is accountable
For my life
Before horizons

VABM March 3, 2010

martes, 2 de marzo de 2010

For you

For you

Unborn yet

Who will try in vain
In a third class school
To memorize
The formula that tells all
About echoes and waves

And how light propagates
Across horizons
And time & space

Are these five raised up

Because I’m afraid of
The horrible future beehives
And I’ve always thought
That our reality is light delimited

And that there must be
A lot of living things
Sensible to a wider range
Of temptations

So please friend
Have a lot in my name
Below a swallows crowded
Normal yellow sunset

Today I had a lot
Of beer & rum
With the people
Who’s in charge

None of us
Have to think
About feathers
In a fried chicken plate

They taught me that
Writers and the people
Who shovels chicken shit
Needs to drink a lot

And I’ve agreed with them

VABM March 2, 2010

Real color dreams

Real color dreams

I’m inside the foggy sunset
Of a big city’s
Nearby town

Witnessing a perfect
Mountain’s colors degradé
Across horizon

I’m alive
Or at least
This dream’s colors
Are real

VABM March 2, 2010