domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

The moon is inside of this

The moon is inside of this

Somehow the moon is inside of this
Or at least some of its reflected sun rays 
Photons bounced on it

Somehow I was a fish
And a myriad of life’s attempts
Before this

And every human being 
That has been
Could have said it

VABM October 24, 2010

The victory of nobody knows

The victory of nobody knows

I’m living in a town
Where people grow
In their gardens
Palm and mango trees

Side by side
Thinking about
The parrots comfort

I’m speaking a language
Where “to believe”
And “to create”
Sometimes is the same word
May God be with us!

I’m drinking rum
Above a home
Beside a mountain
Where THE ocean 
Is three mountains before 

But where
If you pay enough attention
To the signs and the smell on the air
You can have a presentiment of God

The town is called 
“The victory”
¿Of whose?
Nobody knows

I’m thinking about
How people can grow
60 feet mangoes trees
Merely to enjoy bird’s morning calls

I’m swimming inside
A blood & time stream
That hopefully will last
Until the next step of life’s fractals

I’m thinking 
That may be
That’s the victory
The town’s name 
Is due for

Because this people
Have a freedom’s joy
I’ve never found before

VABM October 22, 2010

jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

The elliptical fractal of being

The elliptical fractal of being

Dark green fruit
Between greener leaves

Immature promise
Tell me please
Which of your seeds

Will reach
The other side
Of the next six months stream

And will repeat 
Another tread
Of the elliptical fractal of being

To my mom as a undying tribute
VABM October 21, 2010

Good love songs

Good love songs

Good love songs are just calls
Hurried but not frantic

Convincing arguments
Appealing to the reason

Veiled triggers
Of the beloved’s instincts

VABM October 20, 2010

lunes, 18 de octubre de 2010

About love songs

About love songs

No two legs dog
Will never know a thing
About love songs
Because they are the God’s gift
To coyotes and wolfs

Taken from the Annew’s book of the world
VABM October 17, 2010

Useless meetings

Useless meetings
Her frozen rivers
Yearly normality
Met my Caracas reality

During a last century’s
Starless October night

We -latex secluded-
Mixed some fluids
And –directly-
Interchanged promises

No minute, no action plan
Nothing remains of that useless meeting

Except for the pungent smell of womanliness
That sometimes invades my dreams

VABM October 17, 2010

miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

A two legs dog

A two legs dog

I am a dog
And I was a four legs one

I have spend my life
Building pyramids
And ziggurats before

I’m the thing
History is made of

I do know
That when heaven’s dogs finally come
They will give me a bone

VABM 13 October 2010



Que poca autoridad

Le acato al ilusorio orbe,

Al falso y flamígero rosa

De algunos ocasos

Y a mi cárcel de hambre, ambición y carne

Cuando mi ciencia de clepsidras,

Estrellas, líneas rectas y astros

Me da otro presagio

Otra alegría de víspera

Otra certeza

Que se diluirá con el tiempo

En el asombro de mi realidad

Construida con las verdades

Que los líderes del mundo

Han considerado necesario informarme

Y las leyes que Dios

Me ha dejado comprobar

Atónito y deslumbrado

De su diseño simple

Y casi humano

VABM 12 de octubre de 2010