sábado, 31 de octubre de 2009

And yet another stupid love poem

And yet another stupid love poem

Since I bade you farewell
There’s a big & red scare
Of deceased flesh
Flattened in my chest
Like a highway dead snake

¿Would you please
Come back to me again?
So the future can be
As those times

When both crept pursued
Our ambitions and interests together
Preparing ourselves for the next
Applied love workshop examination

I’m talking about
Before our common projects
Were over weighted
By our individual interests

Let me come back again babe
Let us pass together
All of the applied love workshop
Experiments and examinations

Let us obtain at least
The sufficiency grade
In the lab of connivance
And in all of the other tests
May God, nature or the government
Be pleased to send us

Come on babe
Let us turn into a habit
Our entire cosmic love allocation

VABM October 31, 2009

jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009

Politicians Know

Politicians Know

They know what is good for all of us
And the perfect equilibrium
Between the amount of enemies
And own sons
To sacrifice to the war’s God

They know how many bridges to blow
To get to the construction ministry’s job
You applied
And didn’t obtain an interview call

They belong to the society’s top layer
Or will belong pretty soon
If you leave them alone
To do their work

Some people think “The Business”
Is oil, defense, finance, food or construction
But all of the other business
Sales, investments and so on
Depend on politic decisions

Their not so secret
Massive destruction means
Are so effective because

No matter what you feel or judge

We’re all specialized insects
Searching for a place
In an already occupied honeycomb

Poets, actors and news writers
Sing at every moment
Politicians’ love songs

So when politicians answer your email
Were the former who already
Have commented your blog posts

VABM Thursday, October 29, 2009

miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

Void’s Pull

Void’s Pull

It also could be called instead:

Opportunity implosion
Attraction for the unknown
Boredom with liberty

Disregard for freedom
Shared irresponsibility
Dissatisfaction with actuality

Soles itching
Search for the seeds random mutations
Pollen-Bee team work

Fruit-seed confabulation
Desire or…

But I guess
We can afford
A double ticket

To the easy to desire
Hard to obtain
Hopefully distant

Also in the time
Not too far apart graves

Trough the ever changing meadows
Of life’s river
To the shifting light of ocean

VABM October 28, 2009

martes, 27 de octubre de 2009

My shooting star

My shooting star

A fraction of a second
Lighted my shooting star
While crossed from west to east
One of my nights

Almost unnoticed
Only for few ones

That’s my point
Shooting stars’ and
Human’s time scales
Are ridiculously small

Shooting stars belong
To the first who see them
And is customary
To ask for a desire

So please little flash
Give me more lighting time
Or more light
Or at least more time

VABM October 27, 2009

lunes, 26 de octubre de 2009

The luminous man

The luminous man

Strange clouds
Shaped like smoke rings
And the top
Of palm trees

It is foreseen
Will announce the arrival
Of the luminous man
From the stars

The fourth man
Who will only eat
One meat:
The one of the third man

And that only
On special occasions
Like the pijiguao(1)
Harvesting time

About the final man
It is said that
They will don’t need to walk
Across the bush or streams

Because machines
Will walk for them
And that woman and men
Will be the same on strength

I’m just translating
What I’ve been told
This is just another of
The native legends

I really do love
Being as I am
A quite common
Specimen of the third man

(1)Bactris gasipaes

VABM October 26, 2009

Wikimedia Commons User: Chris 73

domingo, 25 de octubre de 2009

Four stars

Four stars

Thirty five years ago
When I was fifteen

One night
Seeing the same four stars
I’m seeing now
At the south

I ended childhood
With the same feeling
Soon I will end youth

I smell change
But anxiety
Don´t cause me
To lose sleep

Any way
I’ve seen
Not without envy
On some grown olds

The calluses that protect
Too sensible skins

And the pious cataracts
That prevent glare
From glorious foolish

Even more
I’m beginning to enjoy love
Without the rush of desire

You know
Sometimes generals
Say they miss freshman times

But I think that
None of them have ever
Returned any star

VABM Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sky’s blue

Sky’s blue

I’ve shot
With my phone’s cam
Today´s cloudless sky

Trying to obtain
The sky’s blue

I’m using the photo
As the watermark
Of this doc

As you can see
It’s a sort of gray

May be
It’s due to overexposure
I’m not sure

But in instruments
We do trust

So being objective:
Grey is today’s
Sky’s blue

VABM Sunday, October 25, 2009

Electric Man

Electric Man

Alternate waves
Of electrons
Keep going
Through the cables
To the bulbs
Producing photons
That impact
My retina
That sends
More electrons
To my brain
To me, see
The public lights
That light
My way
From my house
And may way back
Because I’m an:

VABM October 24, 2009

sábado, 24 de octubre de 2009

Happiness mechanics

Happiness mechanics

As may know happiness occurs in quanta
And have some random qualities
You are or not happy
There are no medium grades

Happiness is always ahead
O have passed
That’s because some people think
It doesn’t occurs in the now
That is an imaginary line in time
Imaginary as are all of the lines
But happiness is real

Happiness is quite easy
You don’t need to know physics
To use electricity

Happiness can be a car
Or a plaster lion
On a unused veranda

Or a street
Where you can walk
In the mid of the night

Or boy on a bike
Or a boy
Or a bike

Happiness can be a seedless date
Or a date

The people who discovered my homeland
Before some of my ancestors rediscovered it
I’m sure had a great poet

Because for us here
Is normal to talk about
The happiness’ butterfly

That flies over the next thing
That will bring happiness
To the fortunate ones

VABM Saturday, October 24, 2009

viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009



I’ve been drinking
Since lunch time
And now is the supper’s one

So with my powerful
Friday’s night double sight
Will begin analyze

The things that torment
Normal minds
For example: Flags

They mark the end
And the start
Of planet’s parts

They signal races’
Ends and starts

They remark anti globalism
On hotels and restaurants

On ships they remind us
Where the owners
Don´t pay any tax

On plagues
On accidents
On sports
On funerals
On military camps
Is easy to find flags
Also in the office
Of the big wo/man

So this fills my blog’s
Weekly post
Next Friday will touch
The matter of the instant

jueves, 22 de octubre de 2009

Wolf’s legacy

Wolf’s legacy

A dog I know
Shakes cooked food
Taken from my hand
As wolfs shake
Rabbits by the neck

And tamp floor tiles
To prepare its bed
Remembering the times
Her grand grand grand pa wolf
Slept on the bare ground

While I’m writing this
I’m wondering about
What I’m repeating
Now useless
From my grand grand grand pa ape

In the fluorescent labyrinths
Highway jam ultrared sunsets
Predawn goodbyes
And alcohol flooded breaks
I spend my dimes of time

Candidates occurring to me now are:
My jealousy comedies
When I fall in love
And the gang rules
I use to call friendship

But as you may know
I’m not an expert
I’m just another blogger
Waiting for comments
In the jungle of the web

miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Space machine

Space machine

Today’s last bird
Has flown
Inside the sky’s realm
Where night dictates
Its obscure truth

I was thinking about you
And the number of sand grains
On our planet
And the one of stars

Now I’m bored as usual
But surrounded by
The stupid beasts
Who own the debt

Of my beautiful
Two hundred thousand dollars
Time glide
Space machine

That has not guaranty
At all
Against third party costs

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2009

In & Outside

In & Outside
I’m quite normal
But I like to try to write about
Stuff like this:

A madame
Who tinctures her hair black
To invite me
In & out of her
One of these nights

But I’m older than her
In & outside

The things
That doesn't occurs to me
When looking
At this border of
A crystal starry night:

The normal view
Of the normal universe

All about the faces
Strange and hostile
You can pass by
In & outside the metro
On a payday Friday

And some other things
I’m afraid
I’m too shy
To confess
I’ve tried to write about

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

The trick to be called from human-resources.com

The trick to be called from human-resources.com

Here I go alone
Confronting the word processor
To try to describe how
Clouds vanish in the void

Every sunset
When sunlight goes
To a warmer & nicer place
Of the stupid planet

Or how they come
Out of unreality
When rain passes away
To another more unfortunate location

Following the designs of god
Or about the click
On the money counting machines
That can make you rich

I mean: All about how
You can never be reached about
The dream job, you’ve just saw
On http://wwww.human-resources.com

VABM October 8, 2009

lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

Taken near the book of Baruch

Taken near the book of Baruch

I did view it all:
When the old man
Was asked about his desires
He just asked for food for his dog,
Water and a place to sleep for the both
In the musical accent of the angels.
Being him aged, slim & small
Filled the room with
A kind of power

Each one of us were afraid of him & his inform
Hospitality isn’t the name of the service
Deserved to the ones who work
On God’s missions & inform
Results directly to God
So none of us delayed them
Neither showed knowledge of it
The old man drank & slept but didn’t eat
The dog played games with our dogs until dawn

It occurs to me now
That maybe the dog
Was also commissioned
But ¿who am I to ask
So stupid questions?

VABM October 5, 2009