lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

Taken near the book of Baruch

Taken near the book of Baruch

I did view it all:
When the old man
Was asked about his desires
He just asked for food for his dog,
Water and a place to sleep for the both
In the musical accent of the angels.
Being him aged, slim & small
Filled the room with
A kind of power

Each one of us were afraid of him & his inform
Hospitality isn’t the name of the service
Deserved to the ones who work
On God’s missions & inform
Results directly to God
So none of us delayed them
Neither showed knowledge of it
The old man drank & slept but didn’t eat
The dog played games with our dogs until dawn

It occurs to me now
That maybe the dog
Was also commissioned
But ¿who am I to ask
So stupid questions?

VABM October 5, 2009

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  1. Bienvenido Victor, y gracias por tu apoyo. Esperamos estar a la altura de tus expectativas.
    Un fuerte abrazo.