martes, 23 de junio de 2009

THE Truth

THE Truth

Sometimes I feel the truth
Is above the highest cloud
Other ones as I learn it more
I think it is igniting stars

At this very instant
But at different place
On the same time river
We’re all swimming naive

Many times I’ve thought
I was seeing it as an electric storm
Above a city
With more than one million cars

Some people can elaborate it quite a lot
Especially when they or they beloved ones
Are running short of their time
Then they say the truth is above time & space

I’ve felt it at the dirtiest alley
And at the purest river
But been honest
I have never found it

Or maybe I did already passed by its side
Without seen it
Because I’ve always believed
It is powerful, beautiful and rich

But what happens if it is poor and/or Ugly
And/or it has wrinkles and/or warts
And/or flat boobs and/or buttocks
And/or it stinks and/or hurts and/or disgusts

Sometimes I feel the urge to fill my blog page
Other ones I recall I’m already have
More than two hundred and fifty one
Floating on the cyberspace

Like planets, nebulae and stars
And other things
I can’t ever imagine
On the real space-time

VABM 6/23/2009