sábado, 2 de agosto de 2014

Rainy Saturday

Rainy Saturday

Farmers and children know
To do what the rain is good for
But I don’t know

I’m trapped by the rain
Alone in my house
Can’t go out to the side of my dame

Please milky sky
Take out your clouds
Out of the city to the farms

Because I’m too old now
To take a shower in the rain
To play games with water again

Because the rain over this town
Is so redundant
As it is over the ocean

And as wasted and useless
As this stupid “poem”
And a tear in the fields of war

Li Tao Po
VABM August 2, 2014

domingo, 27 de julio de 2014



Throwing my loaded dice
Searching for the little edelweiss
Everybody can intuit
Blooms in the rain wrapped misty hills
You can see far way outside
From the wounds the alleys plow through
The city’s people’s nests crowded hills

During Sundays mornings
Obscured by more than alcoholic hangovers
Talking with kids wearing for the first time
Their first gun of second hand
Eager to demonstrate they’re now men
That vain excess that endlessly repeats itself
Waiting for an undeserved miracle before death

To Edgar
VABM July 27, 2014

jueves, 24 de julio de 2014

What gathers buzzard’s clouds

What gathers buzzard’s clouds

What patiently waits
Wetly confident
Below a triangle of hair

What goes up from roots
Through trunks, branches and leaves

Comes down
As seeds disguised
As sweet fruits

Produces the impudently seductive
Fragrance of flowers

And the crunchy after death
Of dead leaves

While licking
Salt and minerals
From dirt

What lies below
The hollowness of valleys

What takes healthy girls
To hospitals

To give life
In a stormy planet
To storms loving childs

What you can find
When you are a strayed cat
During the night

Inside the alleys of cities
Not irremediably condemned
To nuclear obliteration

What’s really is inside clouds

What poor’s houses windows
Irradiate outside

What the rain makes to garbage

What girls bring to planet
Sportive Saturdays

What’s coming down from stars
Day and night

What’s dry inside
Blue sky
Behind clouds

What’s sweet
In the dark clouds
The human machinery
Eagerly exhales

What feels a child
With his first bike

What claims for another beer
That one you shouldn’t buy
If you were rational

What remains after oblivion
After the eternally decaying recalls

What bored antennae
Are trying to find
In the radio signals
Of other galaxies

But is rampant
In the realm of these animals
Colored like
The surface of the planet

I’ll be always hungry of it

What my love
Give to me
I’ll always try to fit

Li Tao Po

To Elia

VABM July 24, 2014

sábado, 19 de julio de 2014

Only my love

Only my love

Mountains still wearing
Their silly hat
It's understood

It's everywhere with my love

Across the stupid world
I can only hear
"Only my love"

Wo wo wo wo, wo wo wo wo

To Elia with my whole love
VABM Saturday, July 19, 2014

viernes, 18 de julio de 2014

The eye of stone

The eye of stone

Carved on stone
An eye still waits
For a forgotten god

Above clouds
The moon and the sun
Play games with the wind

I’m walking again
The labyrinth

That is the garden
Of the temple
Of the sun god

Now it’s a tamed patch
But some blood stained stones
Still talk

Very few of us remain
Those who know
That jaguar is the pet of god

To Erwin Conte
VABM  7/18/2014

sábado, 12 de julio de 2014

To buy or not to buy

To buy
or not
to buy

It's a horrible world
If you don’t have
Money enough

To buy

A beautiful place
In it to have a nap
Every time you want

VABM 2014-07-12

sábado, 5 de julio de 2014

The tang

The tang

Life’s too short
Everybody says

But I’ve passed
Through war

Shy sunny days
And domestic horrors

And moments
Still passing

At light speed
Through you

To taste
And to describe

VABM July 5, 2014

viernes, 4 de julio de 2014

Electric dog

Electric dog

Sliding over the planet
The tires of my car
A beautiful machine itself
Take me to rest
At my house

My electric dog
Waves its tail
A full automatic
Web of things
Waits for me

Protected by
An electric fence
We shall ingest
The right amount of food
Our bodies need

To grow
To prosper
To be healthy
And happily successful

It’s a kind of magic
But you won’t believe it
Until you can afford it
And see the miraculous
Bank notes

I know of a pill
That will induce me
Electric dreams
I do know
I’m another dog

But I’m the one
That survived
Another revolution
For the good
Of man and earth

To Coquito Bueno
In memoriam

VABM July 4, 2014

sábado, 28 de junio de 2014

Black Bird

Black Bird

In the distance
Dark are
All of the birds

But I’ve seen
The rainbow
In your feathers

Black bird
The mountain
Still making rain

And the river
Still waiting
For us

To laugh
To love
And to play

Li Tao Po 
From Elia
To VABM 6/28/2014


domingo, 22 de junio de 2014



But please be advised
Me and a herring
Can catch a whale

Said a man
Trying to hook
Stone fish

VABM  Saturday, June 21, 2014

When we rub in

When we rub in

A cloud of buzzards
Above me
I’m walking my fate

I’ve invaded the space
Of a yellow eyebrowsed
Strayed dog

I can bite too
But I’m not so mad

Behind mountains of routine
An ocean waits for me
That’s what I like to think

You and me
So close
So distinct

But nobody said
We were
In the cloning business

Isn’t static
What attracts us
When we rub in

VABM Sunday, June 22, 2014

domingo, 8 de junio de 2014

If my life was fun enough

If my life was fun enough

To do what?
What I meant to be?
What was supposed
That I would make

With this hands and fate
With this heart and brain?
Long shadows cast the sundown
Birds sing their songs

As I walk alone
To my home.
Star’s ash
Looking at the star’s past

Conserved by the cold space
And the speed of light
Thinking about you and me
And why it can’t be

And of how it could be
If my life was fun enough
To allow me kissing you
Every sole day

VABM June 8, 2014

jueves, 5 de junio de 2014



Howling to the day
Barking to the night 

Trying to bite
The ethereal reality 

Trying to write you
A love song 

That will explain why
We must stay 

VABM June 5, 2014

jueves, 22 de mayo de 2014

Pages from the book of my life

Pages from the book of my life

Perceiving things
Only by their reflex

Fading echoes coming back
Shadows passing by

Chaos boiling in the Time

Li Tao Po

Para Elia

VABM May 22, 2014

sábado, 26 de abril de 2014

I´m with my love another time

I´m with my love

Through me
This morning mist
Creates another reality

Valid only
Until this day finishes, or…
Until this sun die, again …

May god fuck this periodic world
And its ugly and easy reality
Or so

Fuck the world

Li Tao Po

To Elia with love
VABM April 26, 2014

jueves, 17 de abril de 2014



Black bird
In the dark night

Like a fish in a stream
Like a frog in a pond

Like a poet
Drunk of life

Li Tao Po

To Elia with love
VABM April 17, 2014

Because seeds

Because seeds

Fruit under the sun
Treasuring vitamin C
And glucose

Carrying inside
Like a Trojan horse
A sun's seed

I’m a dark animal
With the same color of earth
And the same tone of gray

Everybody can see
From a very far away
Point of view

Why all of this hustle?
Pain and fear
All of this gloom?

To Elia with love

Holiday’s mornings

Holiday’s mornings

I’m a plastic flask
Melting on a roof
Covered with dried leafs

Then I realize
That I do contain
More love than hate

Afterwards I’m a black cat
Filtering daylight through
The narrow irises
Of a couple of yellow eyes

And also realize that
Happiness is an accumulation
Of holyday’s mornings

The majority of them
Missed and forgotten

I’m writing this
While waiting for the breakfast
Of another holiday morning

To Elia with love
VABM April 17, 2014