lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

The preacher

The moon isn’t in this photo

The preacher

He always has at hand
You know

The one written by GOD
His word
The complete story of his works

Everything is quite simple:
If it is said on it
It is law

If it don’t
Is free
To human interpretation

He thinks
I’m one of his sons
One of his flock

He really cares for
My soul
Here and afterwards

Because he wants to play harp
On white clouds
With his lambs

I’ve showed him the moon
And he showed me a flower
And told me without hesitation

Not to ask weird questions
To focus my mind

The main floor of everything
What really matters
To whom you now know

VABM 25-Apr-10

My favorite pill

My favorite pill

If you’re sad
There is a pill
That can make you glad

If you can’t sleep
There are different kinds of pills
For different kind of dreams

There are a lot of pills
For the endless dream
And one to wake up

But you must use them
At the right time
And the correct amount

I’m fifty
I’m a little skeptic
So I did a test

I did swallow it
And waited
For the same thirst

That at eighteen
Made me to wait in a row
To waste my savings

In a quick recreation
Of some of the processes
Of humans reproduction

In vane I did wait
So I did duplicate the dose
Without noticeable results

I came back home
A little sad
Missing the old times

But I use to cure
This kind of gloom
With plain booze

So in the way
I did sip inside me
An imprudent alcohol amount

The before mentioned pill
Did its work at three a. m.
When I was sleeping at home

I do live now alone
And I’m a little wary now
To leave home at that hour

May be I was overdosed
Because the infamous pill
Make me to play again

My favorite game
When I was twelve
And needed not company at all

VABM April 25, 2010

viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

She Moon

She Moon
Moon have been always above
People who like to think
She’s made of cheese
That she’s a calendar, a clock

People have tried to conquer it
Others have begged her for
A lot of strange favors
And asked her a lot weird questions

She isn’t a rock, but also isn’t a planet
All what she does is to make waves
Inside water, inside yours and the ocean
She plays games with women and insane poets

She’s also a mirror
That reflects sunlight
The more immediate step
In the abyss of space

The closest witness
Of the blue-green life miracle
And of the human’s footprints
On the earth’s surface

VABM 23 April 2010

jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

Birds traveling chants

Woodpecker nest

Birds traveling chants

A flock of oceanic birds
Have passed flying in the night
Above where I was

Like with crowded planes
Like with commuter trains at sunset
I’ve felt the air loaded with impatience

Guided perhaps
By the stars
Or the earth’s magnetic field

Their traveling chants
To keep together the pack
Told me stories

Of warmer waters and lands
Lots of good food
And nests packed with eggs

About the urge to mate
When Mother Nature mandates
And one is urged

About how little sunny days last
When you’re busy
With DNA recombination tasks

And about how insignificant
Other’s problems and lives are
When you’re building

Your very own house
With your other half
Guided by Mother Nature hands

How predictable the results are
When she commands
And you can and want

This night I’ve heard
The announce of new lives
Mixed with the birds traveling chants

While I was waiting
In the night
For inspiration to write

VABM April 21, 2010

lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

My time slice

My time slice

Today’s fading light
Is painting
Yellow and red haze
On my west

Sun is now
Above Ocean
Making pink sunrises
Over the pacific islands

Moon, Venus and Sun
Are aligned
Silently rotating orbits

So please tell me
Mr. Time
What happened
With my today’s slice

It seems to me
That my share
Of today’s time
Was too undersized

So if you agree
Give me tomorrow
A bigger slice
Of sunny light

Please give me more
Of the thing
That makes things
Happen sequentially

VABM Friday, April 16, 2010