viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

Ocean end

Ocean end

The city I live in

And also suffer

Between weekends

Have a lot of places

To go to the beach

Near the airport

They’re too crowded

By the seaport

They’re too polluted

But if you go further

After the rich’s

Houses by the sea

You’ll find ocean end

Please don´t ask me

About what it means

Because it is only the name

For a place so windy

Only the craziest surfers surf

The most bored fishers fish

And of course

Only the stupidest swimmers swim

Any way

If you go there

I think

You’ll in accord with me

That it is the better place to see

That strange kind of human beings:

These who like to see the sea

I like to see them

Smoking different kinds of herbs

And chemical things

Drinking alcoholic and not drinks

Alone in the multitude of sea seers

Too deep inside meditation

To notice you

You can make love in front of them

Without being noticed

By them:

The “sea seers of ocean end

Because they’re always waiting

For the newest mood and color