sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2012



Bugs come and go
From and to darkness
Visible to me their erratic fly
Just for an instant

By the side of the bonfire
Is confortable and warm
And I'm trying to guess why:
Mating? feeding? playing?

Exploring a new star?
You know: "bugs love lights"
Even Goethe at his  deathbed
Asked for more of them

What a pitty
Sunlight is so disperse
After down I shall see
Of what skylarks feed

VABM 17/11/2012

miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2012

To The Next One

To The Next One

One starless friday's night
I did realize that my life
is mainly made of too late arrivals
and of false starts

Oh God how plenty of supplies you are!

I'm just another excess
that overpopulates another pack of your pets
The kind of things you ussually throw along with dice
That clumsy animal always out of tune with time

I'm seeing a flock of skylarks
feeding from a stream of butterflies
I'm dreaming of the next animal
who will sail the currents of time

Iridiscent and silent their ships jumping stars
The tang of our meat they may dislike
while carrying in their brains
the quiet fatalism of a butterfly
that flies in a hurricane

VABM 11/NOV/12