sábado, 26 de abril de 2014

I´m with my love another time

I´m with my love

Through me
This morning mist
Creates another reality

Valid only
Until this day finishes, or…
Until this sun die, again …

May god fuck this periodic world
And its ugly and easy reality
Or so

Fuck the world

Li Tao Po

To Elia with love
VABM April 26, 2014

jueves, 17 de abril de 2014



Black bird
In the dark night

Like a fish in a stream
Like a frog in a pond

Like a poet
Drunk of life

Li Tao Po

To Elia with love
VABM April 17, 2014

Because seeds

Because seeds

Fruit under the sun
Treasuring vitamin C
And glucose

Carrying inside
Like a Trojan horse
A sun's seed

I’m a dark animal
With the same color of earth
And the same tone of gray

Everybody can see
From a very far away
Point of view

Why all of this hustle?
Pain and fear
All of this gloom?

To Elia with love

Holiday’s mornings

Holiday’s mornings

I’m a plastic flask
Melting on a roof
Covered with dried leafs

Then I realize
That I do contain
More love than hate

Afterwards I’m a black cat
Filtering daylight through
The narrow irises
Of a couple of yellow eyes

And also realize that
Happiness is an accumulation
Of holyday’s mornings

The majority of them
Missed and forgotten

I’m writing this
While waiting for the breakfast
Of another holiday morning

To Elia with love
VABM April 17, 2014

sábado, 12 de abril de 2014



I´ve been loving You
Since Ur
To New York
Through different bodies
But the same old soul

From Euphrates
To Hudson
I´ve been of You
Husband, fiancée and son
Grand, grand, grand and so

So please tell me my love
Is this impossible God of us
The one who optimizes
Or The one who wastes
Time and blood

Because the only thing
I do really know is
That I´m happy
Every time
I´m by your side

To Elia with gratitude and love
VABM Saturday, April 12, 2014

domingo, 6 de abril de 2014

Pink illusions

Pink illusions

Three Chinese coins
Have told me
That persistence is good
At this transient second

And that my position
Isn’t strong enough

Under this illusory sun color
I´m afraid of to know
That pink clouds
Are just vapor

I´m throwing flower petals
To a cold & deaf stream

Who is more unreal?
my love or me?
Pink dream of a dream


Li Tao Po

To Elia with love
VABM April 6, 2014

sábado, 5 de abril de 2014

Pulled by the balls

Pulled by the balls

It is so simple
You know

She simple knows
By her beloved heart
When I must stop drinking

It is a fact
That she knows
All of the people
I must talk to

So why discuss
Because she knows
Where and when
I can have a smoke

Below the whitish sunlight
Its eventual rays
And its horrible facts

Nobody knows me
Better than her

Haven that said
You know
I´m pulled by the balls

Into the blue sky
Of Almighty god´s

Where nobody will ever know
If next second will bring
Doom or salvation

Para Elia
VABM  April 5, 2014

A big zero

A big zero

Why this bustle
If I know that the sum of
The thousand beings

And all of its horror and pleasure
Joy and sorrow
Gives a big zero

To do what?
I don´t know

If everything is a mirror
And is
Its unavoidable reflex

Li Tao Po

Para Elia
VABM  April 5, 2014

jueves, 3 de abril de 2014

Of love to give

Of love to give

From my dandelion clock
The changing wind have blown
A lot of winged achenes

Sometimes I miss them
Sometimes I’m glad they’ve flown

Sometimes I like to think
I still have a lot

To Elia with love
VABM  April 3, 2014