sábado, 20 de diciembre de 2014

To Chet

To Chet

Blue sky
Not a single cloud


A trumpet proclaims love
Of the unlimited kind

By the sea side
Beside the unlimited realm
Only confined                           
By time

I guess
I must confess
I love
The music of Chet

And that also
Invested a lot
To obtain
Informal texts

Definitive novels
Faked love poems
All awful texts
With some friends

To learn
That a trumpet
Can contain
Whole worlds

And that

Every mind
Is a God’s eye

And that

Every soul
Is worth to save

To Chet Baker
VABM December 20, 2014

domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2014

In front of the mountains of madness

In front of the mountains of madness

Before the mountains of madness
A donkey and I know
All about desire and time

We’ve been traveling
The less effort path
That water draws

But I’m seeing
The stars
Being paled

By the sunshine
Above the mountains of madness

Me that have surfed
The acrid seas
And the ocean of sand

Know all about the stars
Where they will be
Even behind day’s reality

And all about the mountains of madness
Inside every project
Upon hope and desire

Li Tao Po
VABM November 30, 2014

domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2014

My truly love

My truly love

I’ve seen
All of it’s worth
In this wicked world
Behind curtains of love

I’ve been loved
By the truly love
Under passion fruit groves
And the everlasting crop

Beneath grapes
And apples
Who could blame me?
If I’ll loving you

Until the very last instant
Of my stupid
But caring of you
Sorrow life

Because of you
Since Ur
Rivers still flow
My everlasting love

To Elia
VABM Sunday, November 09, 2014

Iron winged angel

Iron winged angel

Medium throttle
Left rudder to the full
Stick to the north

Iron winged angel
Doing his job
Not SAMs at all

No radar signals
Sunset photons
Pushing him

To general’s wahalla
Inside youtube
Straight to the sun

Where a big scares girl
Still believe
You are her love

Nobody in this hell
Really know
What 401k stands for

An unforgettable day
That will always mark
For ever your life

Fifteen seconds
Not more
Above hell

Above common life
After seeing the scares

On mountains
And on your forgotten soul
You know God is mad

Or a very creative one
That still believes
In God

VABM November 9, 2014

sábado, 25 de octubre de 2014

Behind of this morning clouds

Behind of this morning clouds

The perfect disk of the sun
Is telling me that perhaps
With enough time and distance

Everything is simple enough
To be for us understood
Even our easygoing love

Li Tao Po

To Elia

VABM October 25, 2014


martes, 14 de octubre de 2014

Snake eggs

Snake eggs

Universe’s architect
Likes to reuse designs
To repeat itself

In a way
Only a lovely mother
Would appreciate

Repeating patterns
Aggregated building blocks
Some people say

I mean eggs
But of snakes

I’m talking about
Saturday morning rain

And of talking to you
In vain

Knowing that you
Are very far away

VABM October 14, 2014

domingo, 14 de septiembre de 2014

Because of you

Because of you

The one I´ve never met

Above the dark side of my world

The one the pond in the park
Still waiting for

Fishes and lotus flowers
Yet skate the world

Li Tao Po

VABM September 14, 2014

Many thanks to Diana

I badly needed this impressionist picture

Today, now, at this very instant

At this very instant

Inside of
The uncatchable by signs
-As everything is-
Gray of this day

I’ve found
-Behind the whitish curtains of rain-
The ray
And I suppose the thunder

Below a colored like clouds
And bleak & nobody's
White moon


          A caterpillar
          -Red dots in a yellow string-
          Overlooked by an undecided bird
          Was creeping a cactus leaf
          And a monster of the Amazon
          Was beginning to be used
          To be captured

          In a pesqueiro
          -Near a big city-
          Every seven days

All of us surrounded by
The last surviving bones
Of a dinosaurs pack

An indifferent ovary
-Overloaded with ripened eggs-
Suggested to me
That I should appreciate her

More than a ten kilos fish
-Much more-
With a look
That still shook me

VABM September 14, 2014

sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2014

Cat time

Cat time

When your tits runs dry

You must have a nap
So someone told me

One boring afternoon
In the century twenty one

VABM September 6, 2014

Rainy days & Bikes

Rainy days & Bikes

Bikes are for rainy days
At all

Sunny days
You don’t need to take care for

Li Tao Po

VABM 9/6/14

It’s all about time

It’s all about time, pal

In front of
The mountain wall

Suddenly I know
There must be
A superior one

Another animal
Before god

That intuitively knows that
History is much more than
Testicles, ovaries and swords

Li Tao Po

VABM Saturday, September 06, 2014

domingo, 31 de agosto de 2014

The Sign

The Sign

Drop by drop
My brain
Assimilates rain

Second by second
This sunset falls
Into void

Love by love
My life
Pass by

To do what?
Not a single clue
Nor a sign

Li Tao Po

VABM August 31, 2014

sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014



Like a big brown butterfly
A fragile winged falcon
Fly away

This slow afternoon
That dies behind
A curtain of far high rain

My name is Li Tao Po
I’m writing this
Today Saturday, August 23, 2014

To my brother Edgar
Happy birthday
My friend

May this multiverse
Have enough time
For you and me

Happily fish
Some day again


Aquatic world

Aquatic world

Passing through me
Clouds bring moisture
To this thirsty world

Rivers take it away
To the sea
-I really do hope so

Not a single drink
Can bring me
This thirsty Saturday morning

The sense of love
Like a round woman
I did know

Heavy with feelings
About cubs & dugouts
Hubs& sons

Her multiverse
Plagued with wormholes
Ending back in this world

And the hand of
A beloved boy
I’m the guilty author

But I’m like the Greek guy
Of the Odysseus movie
-I did see it three times

No matter where you going
O where you come from
At all

It’s just Curiosity
What matters the most
When sun goes up

Clouds are making round hats
Like H-Bombs
Above mountain tops

While I’m writing this
This thirsty Saturday
Far away from the known God

VABM Saturday, August 23, 2014

sábado, 2 de agosto de 2014

Rainy Saturday

Rainy Saturday

Farmers and children know
To do what the rain is good for
But I don’t know

I’m trapped by the rain
Alone in my house
Can’t go out to the side of my dame

Please milky sky
Take out your clouds
Out of the city to the farms

Because I’m too old now
To take a shower in the rain
To play games with water again

Because the rain over this town
Is so redundant
As it is over the ocean

And as wasted and useless
As this stupid “poem”
And a tear in the fields of war

Li Tao Po
VABM August 2, 2014

domingo, 27 de julio de 2014



Throwing my loaded dice
Searching for the little edelweiss
Everybody can intuit
Blooms in the rain wrapped misty hills
You can see far way outside
From the wounds the alleys plow through
The city’s people’s nests crowded hills

During Sundays mornings
Obscured by more than alcoholic hangovers
Talking with kids wearing for the first time
Their first gun of second hand
Eager to demonstrate they’re now men
That vain excess that endlessly repeats itself
Waiting for an undeserved miracle before death

To Edgar
VABM July 27, 2014

jueves, 24 de julio de 2014

What gathers buzzard’s clouds

What gathers buzzard’s clouds

What patiently waits
Wetly confident
Below a triangle of hair

What goes up from roots
Through trunks, branches and leaves

Comes down
As seeds disguised
As sweet fruits

Produces the impudently seductive
Fragrance of flowers

And the crunchy after death
Of dead leaves

While licking
Salt and minerals
From dirt

What lies below
The hollowness of valleys

What takes healthy girls
To hospitals

To give life
In a stormy planet
To storms loving childs

What you can find
When you are a strayed cat
During the night

Inside the alleys of cities
Not irremediably condemned
To nuclear obliteration

What’s really is inside clouds

What poor’s houses windows
Irradiate outside

What the rain makes to garbage

What girls bring to planet
Sportive Saturdays

What’s coming down from stars
Day and night

What’s dry inside
Blue sky
Behind clouds

What’s sweet
In the dark clouds
The human machinery
Eagerly exhales

What feels a child
With his first bike

What claims for another beer
That one you shouldn’t buy
If you were rational

What remains after oblivion
After the eternally decaying recalls

What bored antennae
Are trying to find
In the radio signals
Of other galaxies

But is rampant
In the realm of these animals
Colored like
The surface of the planet

I’ll be always hungry of it

What my love
Give to me
I’ll always try to fit

Li Tao Po

To Elia

VABM July 24, 2014