martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

Spheres made of spheres

Spheres made of spheres

On a rain pond
Rain drops make
Perfectly round
Circular waves

Slow motion photons
From a red neon sign
Bounce on them
Saying: DANCE

While red, yellow and green
Semaphore lights
Roll people and cars
Like streams

My limit this night
Is the same of…
My credit card.
Because I need to write that:

From the quarks and below
Until the great hyper-sphere
That contain us

In this labyrinth
That includes us
Galaxy clusters
Our pets and human loves

Pond waves and raindrops
Even atoms
Are just:
Spheres made of spheres

To Erwin Conte Corvera as a compensation
VABM May 31, 2011

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lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

Sterile attempts

Sterile attempts

Empty nest
Dead & Felled
Another failed attempt

! Oh surprise!
The birds used cables:
Twisted pairs

A no hatchlings nest
That remembers me
An almost forgotten attempt

Just one more of
The many lives
I’ve lived until today

domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

One mountain after or before

One mountain after or before

Almost rain
None fish
Still green stream

Emerald the leaf
The moss
And the quill

One mountain before sea
Some people believe
This land is the home for

A lot of unheard calls
For the justice
Of forgotten gods

But those who know 
The truth of the facts
Everyday do their hard work

Because they know
This green stream flows from 
The first mountain after sea

And is long and hazardous 
The journey
To the dark green jungle

Where a jade jaguar head
Marks the time 
On a ancient stone 

Marked with the sign of the sun
The sign nobody sees twice
Equally :-)

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