domingo, 14 de septiembre de 2014

Because of you

Because of you

The one I´ve never met

Above the dark side of my world

The one the pond in the park
Still waiting for

Fishes and lotus flowers
Yet skate the world

Li Tao Po

VABM September 14, 2014
Many thanks to Diana

I badly needed this impressionist picture

Today, now, at this very instant

At this very instant

Inside of
The uncatchable by signs
-As everything is-
Gray of this day

I’ve found
-Behind the whitish curtains of rain-
The ray
And I suppose the thunder

Below a colored like clouds
And bleak & nobody's
White moon


          A caterpillar
          -Red dots in a yellow string-
          Overlooked by an undecided bird
          Was creeping a cactus leaf
          And a monster of the Amazon
          Was beginning to be used
          To be captured

          In a pesqueiro
          -Near a big city-
          Every seven days

All of us surrounded by
The last surviving bones
Of a dinosaurs pack

An indifferent ovary
-Overloaded with ripened eggs-
Suggested to me
That I should appreciate her

More than a ten kilos fish
-Much more-
With a look
That still shook me

VABM September 14, 2014

sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2014

Cat time

Cat time

When your tits runs dry

You must have a nap
So someone told me

One boring afternoon
In the century twenty one

VABM September 6, 2014

Rainy days & Bikes

Rainy days & Bikes

Bikes are for rainy days
At all

Sunny days
You don’t need to take care for

Li Tao Po

VABM 9/6/14

It’s all about time

It’s all about time, pal

In front of
The mountain wall

Suddenly I know
There must be
A superior one

Another animal
Before god

That intuitively knows that
History is much more than
Testicles, ovaries and swords

Li Tao Po

VABM Saturday, September 06, 2014