lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

The flick

The flick…

You don´t see
But feel
Inside the urban tissue
Craving streets

It is always prepared

DNAer of love
Some of its loses                    
Will make you mad
And some of its wins

The flick
You feel inside
Like a 10,000 watts bass

It is above all

Also flows inside you
And me
And every thing
It may like

It likes beds
And prefers white linen sheets
But will make its tasks
On bare grass

Ask masters
From Lao Tzu and above
Why you´re below?
And they will tell you bored:
Because you asked for more
Flickering time
VABM October 1, 2011

jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011

A new thing

A new thing

Mother Earth please…
Cast new dice
Open to me the door of…
The horizon wall

Very far from…
The horrible thing
My parents have lived.
Their gassy guts
And their average routine

To a new thing…
That isn’t new at all
But hasn’t been yet discovered
Inside the tamed doom
Of this concrete streets

Safe Creative #1109290168427

Gaseous Light

Gaseous Light

Clouds are interfering
Absorbing & scattering
Sunlight waves

Casting its shadows below
Where a buzzards cloud
Like feathered whirl

Rounds itself inside
A warmer & ascending
Burble of air

I’ve been overflown today
By a buzzards cloud
What my bard inside will chant?

News are always the same
Guess I’ll try tor write about
Sunlight photons bounced back

To Diana Matisz

VABM Thursday, September 29, 2011

Safe Creative #1109290166980

martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011

A quarter passed moon

A quarter passed moon

Less than a half moon
Floating above all
Please tell me more

About she, world & un/love
I do need another poem
To post it in my blogspot

VABM September 20, 2011
Safe Creative #1109200100820

lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011



I’m seeing the smoke
It is supposed
To contain souls
None hope I support

The whole planet
Is made of stars’ ash


Such a small quantity of water
Is enough to sustain souls

I’m thinking of you
I’m thinking I love you
I’m thinking I do know
The stupid truth from above

And that it is all about
Organic ash
Fire & Ice
And stars ex/implosions

You could trace life
To water
Even to hydrogen
If you were patient enough

Safe Creative #1109190096103

viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2011

A quiet storm

A quiet storm

Rays flashed the storm
Light unfroze darkness
Night concealed world

It was me? Or did you?
Who will be concerned?
Passion never showed

Sea waves shocked rock
Just sand, just sea foam
Merely fearful attempts 

Just insane precaution
And wary moderation
Made in our time to love

Safe Creative #1109039985186

jueves, 18 de agosto de 2011

About broken hearts

About broken hearts

Some birds aren’t for the cage
Some days are made just to fill
The calendar before dates
With ugly and gray unease                              

Some cats would eat you
Some people would kill you
Just to reaffirm their point of view
In matters you have never though of

Some butterflies can broke your heart
Some places you must never go
If you want to keep your body and soul
Working together in the way you know
Nature as people is real
They don’t need you
Much of them were here before you
Majority will stay after you leave

So please boy give some theories
The same authority deserves bullshit
Never offer some people the other cheek
Because it also will be hit

Be gradual and cautious
Always leave a margin for error
Never sign blank checks
Neither lend without interests

And when truly love shows its face
You will be able to easily detect it
Because the one in love with you
Will be more worried than you

Then is time to give theories a chance
Or for to take advantage
Do it dirty quick
Opportunity never repeats

VABM August 18, 2011

miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2011

Sardines in olive oil

Sardines in olive oil

If there is a God
I mean it
It must be pilchard’s aware

Mother just opened
A tin can
Full of sea memories

Sardines in olive oil
You can read
At its very front

I am a cat
Next time we talk
Keep it in mind

I do know
What I am
Do you know what you are?

martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

Even God’s eyes die

Even God’s eyes die

THE Lord (Jahwahral)
The God’s eyes
During much of his time
Was quickly finishing his pass

Those pale yellow patches
In the green dark of the mountain flank:
The local name?
The decease; its tea, is the cure for?              

Heard the boy, remembering his teacher´s own words:
Curiosity: That walking cane
That makes possible to live
So many horrible lives

Just for a moment doubt crossed trough
His master’s eyes
His one and only disciple and grandnephew
Also his master’s sense of smell

This IS an emergency
A REAL one
Allow us the pass

The siren of the ambulance
Like an icebreaker
Cleared the pass through the city noise
To his silent cry

Bush vulgaris
No-name brush
The name of the decease

Somewhere far yet from hospital
Paramedical make the sign
And driver knew the emergency
Was now unreal

Untying his mask said:
Don’t cry boy
Earth discards skin cells everywhere, every time
Look at the soil when searching for THE real life

Boy, we’re so ephemeral
That even angels die
At the morgue
Said a nice man

Was his departure planned, or an irresponsible one?
Every year from his office someone still calls
To arrange for his master’s remains
A nice site in a beautiful park
Since that day
That boy has searched in the bush
Missing his granduncle aid
The cure for solitude                                       

Safe Creative #1108169870980

viernes, 15 de julio de 2011



Moon is trapped 
Electric wires

Because the one
In charge 
Everywhere of everything

Is dreaming  

    Drunk like a trunk
    Below the tree of life

Another universe
Where you & me
Will ever sing

La chanson
El canto
The song of God

VABM Friday, July 15, 2011
Safe Creative #1107179693114

miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

Waiting for the sun to come

Waiting for the sun to come

Seated on the sand
Few hours ago
I saw the sinking of the sun
Behind one horizon

Now I’m waiting
In the same sand
For the same sun to come
From another horizon

How simple it is:
Planets and stars
Accumulates nights and days
Changing everything

I’m stuck and drunk
In the same old sand
Surrounded by horizons
Waiting for the sun to come

Trying to find the differences
Between the me of yesterday
And the one of this dawn
And haven’t found none                                  

Maybe changes are too small
To be noticed
I think I need another bottle
And to offer to the sun another round

Safe Creative #1107069623979

jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

Ash of Stars

Ash of Stars

Some people say
HE likes human hearts
Others that HE can produce
Leprosy, drought, love and light

Even there are ones who say
That HE’s as dead
As a dead cat in a trash can
Maybe all of them are right

I can only say
That I.M.H.O.
HE’s the only one
Who makes ash of stars

Fragment from “Dialogues with myself” by Fra Serafino di Imola
Translation to English by Victor A. Bueno M.
From the Greek to Latin translation by Erwin Conte Corvera

Safe Creative #1106309573210

martes, 21 de junio de 2011

Also moon will pass

Also moon will pass

Above clouds
Below stars
Behind palms
Moon shines

I’m inside
Your heart
You’re inside mine
We´re two of a class

No matters
What the world
Decide to pass
We’ve made our task

Tomorrow’s sea waves
Will reflect
The echo
Of our lives

Pretty small
Quite insignificant
For palms, moon
Sea and stars

But for us
And our Childs
Plenty of significant
And beautiful instants

Safe Creative #1106219515959

To share

To share

Sunrises and sunsets
Beach pebbles
Even a single fish scale
Are as shareable as bread

The salty sea lick
And to swim in a fresh breeze
As a tree leaf
Are also as shareable as bed

But I’m afraid
I’ve never found
The right people to share
Those things with them

Maybe I didn´t see them
Because I was very busy
Trying to catch
The biggest fish

Trying to sleep
In the better bed
And to embrace
The whole universe
With the signs, letters and graphs
Inside my texts:
My short stories
And “poems”

VABM Saturday, June 18, 2011

Safe Creative #1106219511753