domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

Unending pain’s scream

Photo by David Rabkin

Unending pain’s scream

At the jungle, open sea, and desert
When you detect smoke in the air
Usually is the moment to play
Human brotherhood’s games

To play: “foe and friend”

You know it is time to beg, buy or steal
Drink, food, sex and talk
To be mesmerized by the mirage of love
To be trapped on the nets of hate

But when you detect in the air
The acre & rancid stench of war
You know is poet’s time
So you can hear at war:

The victorious heroes’ songs
And the defeated retaliation cries
The moan of the conquered
And the voice of the conquerors’ secret shame

But if you don’t pay attention
To the background noise
You will be fortunate enough
To hear the human soul’s scream

While giving birth
Its next step in the evolution
In the direction the universe goes
If somewhere, it goes

The people who sing
This unending pain’s scream
Usually is friend of mine
Regardless time & space

To Moshe Shimel:
I said the Kadosh for you
My friend

To Moshe Shimel a.k.a Maurycy Szymel
Poland 1903-1942
In memoriam

VABM May 30, 2010

jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

And yet another rose sunset, again

And yet another rose sunset, again

I’m walking another rose sunset
Under a moon
That just needs hours
To become complete

I’m thinking of you
And how much I miss you
Before putting all of my attention
On my real job’s substitute

I took this picture
Of my cosmos vicinity
During that time, as a probe
If you don’t trust my flexible words

I’m like an old man, with an old hat
Sitting at the sidewalk
Looking the time to pass & fly by
The busy city

As the wind does it between
The nearly unreal green of the mountains here
After a few soft rains
Have resuscitated them

VABM May 26, 2010

domingo, 23 de mayo de 2010

The city’s heart

The city’s heart
I use to walk
Usually by night
My favorite sidewalks
Trying to catch
The city’s heart

I want to trap it
In my hands
I don’t want to stop it
It also beats my life

I just want
To feel
Its pulse
Its strength
Its electric rays

Because I expect
To find under the city’s skin
Something more than bones
The city’s seed
What it really needs

So urgently
As an under dosed addict
I think it is not money
Sex, power neither speed
Sometimes I believe

Cities are
Just the lab
To obtain
Artificial life
You know, human’s made life

VABM May 22, 2010

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

Mangoes’ time

Mangoes’ time

Sun & earth
With a little of human’s help

Have made rain mangoes
At perfect ripening state
All over of my place

A new seed & flesh
Another eternity attempt
Another improvement of life

Has begun to surf
The waves
Of the sea of reality

It has been my privilege
To eat the flesh
To take care of the seeds

Walking barefoot
The warm & soft soil
Of this life’s refuge

VABM May 19, 2010

lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

My blood’s puddle

My blood’s puddle

I’m like a bird without nest

A flagless soldier

A king without reign

Then I can say

The whole planet

Is my residence

And because

I’m a boss to none

I’m everybody’s brother

Is so ephemeral and small

My blood’s puddle

I’m afraid

I can’t invite

People to drink

From it

Neither advice people

The danger

Of to be drawn in it

And since flags

Don’t tell anything

To me

I wouldn’t offer my blood

To stain flags

For any cause

I’m so honest

I can confess:

I do prefer instead:

To have: coffee, beer

Cigarettes and sex

With a beautiful partner

May she be

An already known love

Or somebody to be learned

VABM May 17, 2010

sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010

Half past three in the morning

Half past three in the morning

The beauty, the ugly

The love, the hate

The insect, the bird

And almost all

Of the mammals



Together but not mixed

I walk alone

My favorite sidewalk

Listening to the frog’s song

Remixed with the chants

Of police, ambulance and fireman

Car’s sirens

My city sleeps

What weird things?

Will come from

My word processor

With Greek translator

Online dictionary

Spell check

Grammar correction

And right click

Synonym and antonym suggestions

Please keep yourself

Subscript to this feed

Don’t miss anything

Don’t change of thread

Re-tweet at will

VABM May 15, 2010

Tree’s dreams

Tree’s dreams

All of the things on earth
Except at the poles
Play every day
Phases of light and darkness

To act and to rest
To veil and to sleep
To all of the living things
On earth’s surface

Is an almost round
Twelve hours cycle
More or less
I did say

Animals dream
Insects just slumber
But trees, my friend
What do them in the dark?

What do the city’s trees?
When the lights
Are turned off inside houses
But are shinning on the streets

When except the people
That haven’t found a diurnal job
Or the addicts to something
Everybody is snoozing

Well my friend
What is unknown for everybody
Is free to anyone interpretation
So I think trees by night have visions

What they see? I can’t imagine
But I’m sure they feel
And that they can saturate the air
With their feelings

I’m writing this
With my brand new laptop
With a zillion pixels
Under a mango tree

That is dreaming of planets
Of always shinning stars
Where the days are months
And years are almost nonstop

VABM May 14, 2010

jueves, 13 de mayo de 2010



I would love to say that what follows, is: normal life poetry, written by a quite normal man in his spare time.

Have been said :-)

Any way ¿what are: normal, life, poetry, man and time?


* If something is like you or your every day environment; it is normal.

* Trust me please, Poetry (Capitalized) is what you say it is, and it is not limited to writing.

* If you are not a clone, ask your parents in reference to the word: “Man”, it is good to know the two versions. If you are and also are male you are at a very special moment of your life if you don’t know the word. If you are a female clone, please don’t hate me.

* If you are not human, I’m glad you’re reading this. I’m sure you know more than me about the before mentioned word.

*And for the different kinds of “Time” and “Life” please ask your friendlier and faster teacher: the web. It is possible that some of the texts below appear, if you search for them in it.

And for the other questions, like:

¿Who am I?

My name is Víctor A. Bueno M. I’m Venezuelan, I was born at Colombia in 1959.

¿Why I have written this?

I want to be a very rich writer, and you know I’ve failed; any way I insist in writing because I’m unemployed and have a lot of spare time.

¿What I want to buy with your money?

A ticket to a south hemisphere city to see if it is true that toilet’s water turns on the contrary down there.

¿What’s in this for me?

I don’t know (IDK).

¿Why I’m reading this?

IDK. Please leave a comment or send me a message about.

¿What means “Flushing Time”?

It is the time an estuary needs to replace its water.

¿Why I’m using it as the title?

It sounded good to me; also I like to think that if life were liquid, my flushing time is equal to my life span.

¿Did you catch it?

I like to waste my unemployment time writing this kind of crap.

And by the way, ¿what is that stuff of the time spin?

Well, the subtitle is all that remains of the things I did try to write about déjà vu,time’s momentum and the things repeating.


VABM May 12, 2010

The pale brown butterflies invasion

The pale brown butterflies invasion

A lot ago I did read a book
About human space explorers
Prisoners of an evil alien
Who kept them in a “psychedelic cage”

They didn’t feel trapped at all
They believed they still traveling
Around the “Infinite Space”
But feeling a little alone

Because everywhere they did go
Was also like the other places:
“Empty or beings capable of imagination”
So they insisted in the search for God:

“The easy to predict next step
After them
In evolution”

The book has a happy end
Because to take prisoners
Was unlawful on the aliens civilization

So the human explorers were freed
On the real space to play free
In the next books of the author

Today I’ve seen a guy
Using a broom to combat
The invasion of a lot of
Little pale brown butterflies
Flying, mating and dying around of
His house’s porch lamp

I’ve thought that maybe for the insects
During their ephemeral duration
The broom or the guy
Was their fate and destiny
The hand of the lord

VABM May 12, 2010

Inside corridors

Inside corridors

The somehow warmer
Yellow light
Of the incandescent electric bulbs
Was heating
The cool fluorescent white light
Coming out from the lamps
Inside apartments

I was at the stairways
Having my night’s last smoke
Before going to bedroom

Smoking is not allowed
By my wife
At my home

I was thinking of nothing
That is when surprises happen
When I saw him

Normal-Man passed by my side
Tired as usual
Bored as always
Ever late
Going back home

How is it going Normal-Man?
I did ask

And he whispered:
Everything is normal man
Between fine and bad

VABM May 12, 2010

martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

Dead end roads

Dead end roads

He believes in God
And trusts capital

He knows in his heart
This life
Is ruled by the principal

He’s sure
Trumpets will announce
The beginning of another time
The final one

But in the mean time
He works hard

So he just needs a glass:
Water is fine
Beer is great
Coffee is good
But aren’t essential

As are:
Shoe polish, jacket and tie
And a self confident man smile
The hook of the successful salesman

He advised me
To put the reverse
At dead end roads

Because the only thing
You cannot turn around
Is time

VABM May 11, 2010

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

Round ways

Round ways

Maybe somebody
Have seen today
The last three clouds
At my west horizon

Maybe my red sunset
Is a rose sunrise
For a poetess
Writing about
Those three clouds

Perhaps someday
We’ll meet
And be friends

! Oh Life!
What a nice surprises
You can provide

How round
Can be your ways

From time to time
Shows its clear face

And truth explodes
Under the fortifications of lies
When everybody
Is beginning to get comfortable

Bought by their ambitions
Trapped by the stomach
Or by the human need
To belong to any gang

Happiness happens sometimes

Para Lulu y Leo

VABM May 9, 2010

The dreams of my mom

The dreams of my mom

In a small city
A big one

In a house
Where everything
Has a meaning
End and origin

In a couch
By the side
Of a small garden

A woman dreams

I know it
Because the rivers
Of wind & water
Are still passing
As usual

Because time
By and large

When she stays no more
On her favorite home

When to reference
Her actions
People will need
To use
The past tense

The currents of water, air & time
Will still pass

But spinning around
The quite outstanding
Random rocks
Of reality

VABM May 9, 2010

domingo, 9 de mayo de 2010

Street’s lights by night

Street’s lights by night
The photons of the reflex
Of the green, yellow and red
Semaphore’s lights
Were splashing
Along with the raindrops
The asphalt of the street
When the car did hit me
Throwing me unconscious
Below the park’s bank
Near the not quite dead
Sleeping drunk man
The vampire waked up us both
Too much TV
Too much solitude
Too much books to read
May be boredom
Have made his brain of cheese
His meat was soft
As the soft in software
His nails and teeth were fragile
His age advanced
Unlike his knowledge
Of the street fight rules set
Teeth against knives and kicks
He tried and failed
To mesmerize us
Impress us with his linage
His culture
And his foreign accent
But the rules of street fight
Mandates death At this repulsive cases
Of literary madness excess
On his red eyes
The streets lights left stamped
His disgust for our uncivilized ways

VABM May 8, 2010

viernes, 7 de mayo de 2010

Happiness is real

Happiness is real

At least my case
Is seaside
By night
In front of sea & outer space
At the back of a world
Where properties
Are based on
The daily scam

Exploring the infinite possibilities
And usually
Customary probabilities
Of the mine
And my sons’
Private Ocean
That roars
With laughter inside
Of my beloved one’s womb

VABM May 7, 2010