martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

The mangoes on my roof

The mangoes on my roof

Mangoes make me insane
Because they’re always falling on my head
Some of them making noisy beats
Other gliding easy the night breeze

If you have a look under my hood
You’ll find only mango leaves and twigs
And the fruits
At every ripening stage

Some of them sweet and red
Others already passed
And the rest still green
And hard to palate
If you ask me about the oil price
Or who the good ones were
On the previous war
Or if the drugs traffic lanes are safe
I can’t tell

I even can’t tell the name
Of my ex-wife new husband
Or the city my sons are living now
Or why I can’t stay employed
More than three paydays

Because as you may suppose
I’m living under a mango tree
Enjoying good times
Thanking god watermelon plants
Are vines
VABM May 1, 2010

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