domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

Unending pain’s scream

Photo by David Rabkin

Unending pain’s scream

At the jungle, open sea, and desert
When you detect smoke in the air
Usually is the moment to play
Human brotherhood’s games

To play: “foe and friend”

You know it is time to beg, buy or steal
Drink, food, sex and talk
To be mesmerized by the mirage of love
To be trapped on the nets of hate

But when you detect in the air
The acre & rancid stench of war
You know is poet’s time
So you can hear at war:

The victorious heroes’ songs
And the defeated retaliation cries
The moan of the conquered
And the voice of the conquerors’ secret shame

But if you don’t pay attention
To the background noise
You will be fortunate enough
To hear the human soul’s scream

While giving birth
Its next step in the evolution
In the direction the universe goes
If somewhere, it goes

The people who sing
This unending pain’s scream
Usually is friend of mine
Regardless time & space

To Moshe Shimel:
I said the Kadosh for you
My friend

To Moshe Shimel a.k.a Maurycy Szymel
Poland 1903-1942
In memoriam

VABM May 30, 2010

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