domingo, 9 de mayo de 2010

Street’s lights by night

Street’s lights by night
The photons of the reflex
Of the green, yellow and red
Semaphore’s lights
Were splashing
Along with the raindrops
The asphalt of the street
When the car did hit me
Throwing me unconscious
Below the park’s bank
Near the not quite dead
Sleeping drunk man
The vampire waked up us both
Too much TV
Too much solitude
Too much books to read
May be boredom
Have made his brain of cheese
His meat was soft
As the soft in software
His nails and teeth were fragile
His age advanced
Unlike his knowledge
Of the street fight rules set
Teeth against knives and kicks
He tried and failed
To mesmerize us
Impress us with his linage
His culture
And his foreign accent
But the rules of street fight
Mandates death At this repulsive cases
Of literary madness excess
On his red eyes
The streets lights left stamped
His disgust for our uncivilized ways

VABM May 8, 2010

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