jueves, 13 de mayo de 2010

The pale brown butterflies invasion

The pale brown butterflies invasion

A lot ago I did read a book
About human space explorers
Prisoners of an evil alien
Who kept them in a “psychedelic cage”

They didn’t feel trapped at all
They believed they still traveling
Around the “Infinite Space”
But feeling a little alone

Because everywhere they did go
Was also like the other places:
“Empty or beings capable of imagination”
So they insisted in the search for God:

“The easy to predict next step
After them
In evolution”

The book has a happy end
Because to take prisoners
Was unlawful on the aliens civilization

So the human explorers were freed
On the real space to play free
In the next books of the author

Today I’ve seen a guy
Using a broom to combat
The invasion of a lot of
Little pale brown butterflies
Flying, mating and dying around of
His house’s porch lamp

I’ve thought that maybe for the insects
During their ephemeral duration
The broom or the guy
Was their fate and destiny
The hand of the lord

VABM May 12, 2010

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