sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010

Tree’s dreams

Tree’s dreams

All of the things on earth
Except at the poles
Play every day
Phases of light and darkness

To act and to rest
To veil and to sleep
To all of the living things
On earth’s surface

Is an almost round
Twelve hours cycle
More or less
I did say

Animals dream
Insects just slumber
But trees, my friend
What do them in the dark?

What do the city’s trees?
When the lights
Are turned off inside houses
But are shinning on the streets

When except the people
That haven’t found a diurnal job
Or the addicts to something
Everybody is snoozing

Well my friend
What is unknown for everybody
Is free to anyone interpretation
So I think trees by night have visions

What they see? I can’t imagine
But I’m sure they feel
And that they can saturate the air
With their feelings

I’m writing this
With my brand new laptop
With a zillion pixels
Under a mango tree

That is dreaming of planets
Of always shinning stars
Where the days are months
And years are almost nonstop

VABM May 14, 2010

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