martes, 28 de julio de 2009

The sky was a:

The sky was a:

White spotted
With dirty cotton clouds
Wet blue crystal ball

Where I was pushed into
By sun’s light rays
To walk my life

To another dream
Of domestic dogs
Trying to ambush moon
With domestic barks

With a woman
Who already have took the pill
That keeps babies away

On a house
Over a hill
Above hell
Below heaven

VABM July 28, 2009

viernes, 24 de julio de 2009

Others' storm

Others' storm

A trembling flash
Gets out of the dark
The big white cloud
That covers my horizon
At the south

An infuriated ray
Tints clouds red
For a fugacious moment.
Far away from me
Rain washes earth

VABM July 24, 2009

jueves, 23 de julio de 2009



The moon circle
Fits perfectly sun’s
Every so often

To human and not
And instruments

There is harmony
A balance between
Sizes and distances

There is balance
In the proportions
Of sacred geometry

I think
The word geometry

Have exceeded
And is overused

VABM July 23, 2009

sábado, 18 de julio de 2009

The hubble-bubble of life

The hubble-bubble of life

In the sea foam
Some bubbles like it the top
Others prefer the bottom
Or to float alone

Others find other bubbles
To make bigger bubbles

Most of the time
All of them are connected
In some way

But all of them are
Drift by the currents
Of sea and atmosphere

It’s my faith

That no single bubble
Is the same of another

That never has
The same bubble
Happened for a second time

And that

All of them are valuable
And have the same rights
In front of the bubble´s law

I’m not a biologist
So have the right to write too

That the first egg or seed
That the first sex
Were made
Under an orange star
Summer dusk

At the place where
Sea surface meets ground
Where the hubble-bubble
Of life at this universe
Is sea foam cushioned
And interfered
By the slam of the waves

VABM July 18, 2009

jueves, 16 de julio de 2009

A thick leather white purse

A thick leather white purse

To know about people
You need to find the stuff
They need with them
Every where

I learn a little more about you
Every time I witness the universe’s expansion
At the thick leather white purse
That holds your medicine

Your beauty and personal hygiene stuff
And the plastic and paper
That valuates and identificates you
To the rest of the planet’s population

Universe have expanded quite a lot
Since I first met a hard skinned girl
Who could enjoy a joke
On her more secret and firm beliefs

Since I first saw the beauty and naiveté
Of what my ex calls: “My fat white chick
But I rather prefer to call
My prize for being a successfully boy

I learn about my need of you
About the byproducts
Of our lives’ combustion
About our babies and your milk and blood

About your cheerfully ways to go
To love or war
About the normality you irradiate
Over all of my reality

When universe expansion
Or anything less inevitable
Separate us more
Than eight hours of imaginary time

VABM July 16, 2009

lunes, 13 de julio de 2009

A human eyed she dog tale

A human eyed
She dog tale

One day
I’ve tried to undo
During several intents

While the sky
At the world’s edge
Was tinted yellow

And red again
As is normal
Two times a day

I offered God
An easy bargain
And gave

Almost all of the share
Of its love
To me belong

To a beautiful
Human eyed
Street dog

Although she’s too mistrust
And have never
Allowed me

To touch her.
I consider me
Her human best friend

Today I’ve seen her
Flowering and giving fruits
Simultaneously again

Wow! God
All of my vain intents
And my lack of faith

Just claim
To die before
My human eyed friend

Please give
The rest of my share
To her 9 puppies bouquet

It’s seriously
I’m not as sad intoxicated
As that day

Excuse me, I’m sure
You have a lot of patience
With annoying drunken guys

VABM July 13, 2009

domingo, 12 de julio de 2009

Another rose sunset

Another rose sunset

I’ve thought of you again
During another
Swallows crowded
Rose sunset

Crossed by the straight line
Traced by the turbine’s
Exhaust gases
Of the jet that used

To take me home
To your house
Every Friday
Our budget allowed it

VABM July 12, 2009

jueves, 9 de julio de 2009

Today I’ve seen

Today I’ve seen

A single mango tree
Surrounded by
One million
Banana plants

Reigning but besieged
Bushed by isolation


A girl
Holding her
Newborn brother

I did imagine
By her sight
To hear her saying:

So that's what’s happens
I like the results
Of all of their secret
Whine and moan

VABM July 9, 2009