lunes, 13 de julio de 2009

A human eyed she dog tale

A human eyed
She dog tale

One day
I’ve tried to undo
During several intents

While the sky
At the world’s edge
Was tinted yellow

And red again
As is normal
Two times a day

I offered God
An easy bargain
And gave

Almost all of the share
Of its love
To me belong

To a beautiful
Human eyed
Street dog

Although she’s too mistrust
And have never
Allowed me

To touch her.
I consider me
Her human best friend

Today I’ve seen her
Flowering and giving fruits
Simultaneously again

Wow! God
All of my vain intents
And my lack of faith

Just claim
To die before
My human eyed friend

Please give
The rest of my share
To her 9 puppies bouquet

It’s seriously
I’m not as sad intoxicated
As that day

Excuse me, I’m sure
You have a lot of patience
With annoying drunken guys

VABM July 13, 2009

2 comentarios:

  1. Very nice poem, i like the last verse.

  2. Great poem, it's really well thought through and flows nicely.

    Keep them coming!