jueves, 16 de julio de 2009

A thick leather white purse

A thick leather white purse

To know about people
You need to find the stuff
They need with them
Every where

I learn a little more about you
Every time I witness the universe’s expansion
At the thick leather white purse
That holds your medicine

Your beauty and personal hygiene stuff
And the plastic and paper
That valuates and identificates you
To the rest of the planet’s population

Universe have expanded quite a lot
Since I first met a hard skinned girl
Who could enjoy a joke
On her more secret and firm beliefs

Since I first saw the beauty and naiveté
Of what my ex calls: “My fat white chick
But I rather prefer to call
My prize for being a successfully boy

I learn about my need of you
About the byproducts
Of our lives’ combustion
About our babies and your milk and blood

About your cheerfully ways to go
To love or war
About the normality you irradiate
Over all of my reality

When universe expansion
Or anything less inevitable
Separate us more
Than eight hours of imaginary time

VABM July 16, 2009

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