sábado, 18 de julio de 2009

The hubble-bubble of life

The hubble-bubble of life

In the sea foam
Some bubbles like it the top
Others prefer the bottom
Or to float alone

Others find other bubbles
To make bigger bubbles

Most of the time
All of them are connected
In some way

But all of them are
Drift by the currents
Of sea and atmosphere

It’s my faith

That no single bubble
Is the same of another

That never has
The same bubble
Happened for a second time

And that

All of them are valuable
And have the same rights
In front of the bubble´s law

I’m not a biologist
So have the right to write too

That the first egg or seed
That the first sex
Were made
Under an orange star
Summer dusk

At the place where
Sea surface meets ground
Where the hubble-bubble
Of life at this universe
Is sea foam cushioned
And interfered
By the slam of the waves

VABM July 18, 2009

4 comentarios:

  1. I like this! It's like... how do I put this, as I read, I imagine gentle sea foams floating as the sun set. I know that's not the meaning of this poem, but the imagery you use is beautiful.

  2. I've read your poem on "the monochrome gray above" here we are in the rainy season too. Kind regards friend

  3. Th imagery and the languages are very simple. They are saying a lot in a manner that a simple layman can also understand the hidden meaning of the poem and its poet's hidden thought. Thanks for writing such a wonderful poem.

  4. Thank YOU Jason, That was the idea behind