jueves, 18 de agosto de 2011

About broken hearts

About broken hearts

Some birds aren’t for the cage
Some days are made just to fill
The calendar before dates
With ugly and gray unease                              

Some cats would eat you
Some people would kill you
Just to reaffirm their point of view
In matters you have never though of

Some butterflies can broke your heart
Some places you must never go
If you want to keep your body and soul
Working together in the way you know
Nature as people is real
They don’t need you
Much of them were here before you
Majority will stay after you leave

So please boy give some theories
The same authority deserves bullshit
Never offer some people the other cheek
Because it also will be hit

Be gradual and cautious
Always leave a margin for error
Never sign blank checks
Neither lend without interests

And when truly love shows its face
You will be able to easily detect it
Because the one in love with you
Will be more worried than you

Then is time to give theories a chance
Or for to take advantage
Do it dirty quick
Opportunity never repeats

VABM August 18, 2011

miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2011

Sardines in olive oil

Sardines in olive oil

If there is a God
I mean it
It must be pilchard’s aware

Mother just opened
A tin can
Full of sea memories

Sardines in olive oil
You can read
At its very front

I am a cat
Next time we talk
Keep it in mind

I do know
What I am
Do you know what you are?

martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

Even God’s eyes die

Even God’s eyes die

THE Lord (Jahwahral)
The God’s eyes
During much of his time
Was quickly finishing his pass

Those pale yellow patches
In the green dark of the mountain flank:
The local name?
The decease; its tea, is the cure for?              

Heard the boy, remembering his teacher´s own words:
Curiosity: That walking cane
That makes possible to live
So many horrible lives

Just for a moment doubt crossed trough
His master’s eyes
His one and only disciple and grandnephew
Also his master’s sense of smell

This IS an emergency
A REAL one
Allow us the pass

The siren of the ambulance
Like an icebreaker
Cleared the pass through the city noise
To his silent cry

Bush vulgaris
No-name brush
The name of the decease

Somewhere far yet from hospital
Paramedical make the sign
And driver knew the emergency
Was now unreal

Untying his mask said:
Don’t cry boy
Earth discards skin cells everywhere, every time
Look at the soil when searching for THE real life

Boy, we’re so ephemeral
That even angels die
At the morgue
Said a nice man

Was his departure planned, or an irresponsible one?
Every year from his office someone still calls
To arrange for his master’s remains
A nice site in a beautiful park
Since that day
That boy has searched in the bush
Missing his granduncle aid
The cure for solitude                                       

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