domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2009

Under a Van Gogh drawn storm

Under a Van Gogh drawn storm

One day, when moon was the same white of clouds
And time was passing slower than usual
Besides a very special mountain
Not so far from ocean

I gave myself a chance to be as normal as tragedy
As real as water viscosity
As silent as earth rotations
And as ephemeral and persistent as life

That day, exactly at the moment someone ignited the public lights
I realized, I’ll never find the “Real” truth behind walls
Neither the one inside their steel nerves
After that day, I’ll use to say, I did begin to live

So dear reader, don’t be too demanding with me
Because I’m a baby, just one night old

sábado, 21 de noviembre de 2009

Good bye

Good bye

The chemical dye
Of the almost plastic
Imported oranges

Was also coloring the clouds
With the similar reddish tone
Of the chirurgical cotton yarn

That was being wasted
Besides my last cradle

That color
Is the same
Of the misty forest fires

I was dying

In fact I did it twice

THE inequality of love

THE inequality of love

You know?
A few moments ago
In a small & young planet
Below white & black water clouds
And their infinite color combinations
Somebody have discovered again:
! The inequality of love!

It’s quite simple:
1 + 1 > 2

You know?
I’m witnessing
Another sugarcane crop

You know?
I’m inside pollen clouds
Claiming for you:

Would you ever be aware of this?
You and me
Surely gives more
Than the sum
Of the two of both

VABM November 16, 2009

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2009

Water and Blood

Water and Blood

May be you’re familiar with this:

• Enemy’s obliteration
• We against them
• The sweet smell
o Of the burning flesh

• The easy going to hell
o Of the horrible beasts
o We’ve just fought

• And the justice
o In the tear drops
o Of the sons
o Of the overcomed

May be you don’t know
Command is a perversion
As the one of the sissies

That’s because you’ll be
Another not so innocent victim
Of a command mistake

But please think about this:
Highway dogs
Have evolved
Now they are
Creatures of the night

Now let me submit this
To your consideration:

Is a three stanzas
642 years old poem
I’m in love:

The rhythmic steps
On the infinite sand
I’m commanding to obliteration
Are all mine

Sand + blood = dust
Water + rock = dust
Dust + water = blood

Water and blood = I don´t know
But water with time dissolves all

VABM November 13, 2009

miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2009

Med Love

Med Love

I‘m throwing empty cans
To a dry creek bed
Thinking of you

You know
I am also the father
Of that boy
Who crosses the motorway
In love

And the one
Of that girl
Who is sharing her love
With the whole world

I’m thinking
About Med life
And about all of the simulations
Of TV life

We have made
Together or not
On a lot of three hours
And aluminum sail hotels

VABM November 11, 2009

DNA Replication Toolkit

DNA Replication Toolkit

If you still believe in love
And in freedom of choice

If you still think nature
With few interruptions
Is outside us

Please let me to obtain
Your attention:

¿Have you ever considered
You are a particle
Of a toy?

¿What happens
If someone is programming
The DNA replication toolkit?

So let us be humble
So let us beg the lord:

! Please use the security features
Of the sandbox!

VABM November 10, 2009

lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2009

I’m not guilty

I’m not guilty

I’m seeing
The city night lights
Shimmering on the window glass
By my side

! And none of them is mine!

I’ve passed through the messy confusion
Of a rainy early evening
And not a single rain drop
Was due to my actions or omissions

So let make this clear:
! I’m not guilty!

So fuck the whole world
I’m a happy survivor
Deserving a superb dinner

VABM November 9, 2009

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

Burning clouds

Burning clouds

I know you’re below
The rose and gold flames
Of the burning clouds
Of today’s sunset

I don’t need to be there
To know you’re thinking
I’m below the murky clouds
Of today’s ill-omened darkness


Those who study the shape
Of the expanding universe
And the curved light
At its edge

Should also investigate
Simultaneously feelings
And its effects
On guts and spirit

Those who read this and think
I’m writing about cloud’s fires
Because I’m overdosed on booze
Will be right as some political parties

Because in fact
During this day’s end
I’ve been quite below
My usual bloody alcohol level

VABM November 4, 2009
To you, hope you like it :-)