viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2009

Water and Blood

Water and Blood

May be you’re familiar with this:

• Enemy’s obliteration
• We against them
• The sweet smell
o Of the burning flesh

• The easy going to hell
o Of the horrible beasts
o We’ve just fought

• And the justice
o In the tear drops
o Of the sons
o Of the overcomed

May be you don’t know
Command is a perversion
As the one of the sissies

That’s because you’ll be
Another not so innocent victim
Of a command mistake

But please think about this:
Highway dogs
Have evolved
Now they are
Creatures of the night

Now let me submit this
To your consideration:

Is a three stanzas
642 years old poem
I’m in love:

The rhythmic steps
On the infinite sand
I’m commanding to obliteration
Are all mine

Sand + blood = dust
Water + rock = dust
Dust + water = blood

Water and blood = I don´t know
But water with time dissolves all

VABM November 13, 2009

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