jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

Ash of Stars

Ash of Stars

Some people say
HE likes human hearts
Others that HE can produce
Leprosy, drought, love and light

Even there are ones who say
That HE’s as dead
As a dead cat in a trash can
Maybe all of them are right

I can only say
That I.M.H.O.
HE’s the only one
Who makes ash of stars

Fragment from “Dialogues with myself” by Fra Serafino di Imola
Translation to English by Victor A. Bueno M.
From the Greek to Latin translation by Erwin Conte Corvera

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martes, 21 de junio de 2011

Also moon will pass

Also moon will pass

Above clouds
Below stars
Behind palms
Moon shines

I’m inside
Your heart
You’re inside mine
We´re two of a class

No matters
What the world
Decide to pass
We’ve made our task

Tomorrow’s sea waves
Will reflect
The echo
Of our lives

Pretty small
Quite insignificant
For palms, moon
Sea and stars

But for us
And our Childs
Plenty of significant
And beautiful instants

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To share

To share

Sunrises and sunsets
Beach pebbles
Even a single fish scale
Are as shareable as bread

The salty sea lick
And to swim in a fresh breeze
As a tree leaf
Are also as shareable as bed

But I’m afraid
I’ve never found
The right people to share
Those things with them

Maybe I didn´t see them
Because I was very busy
Trying to catch
The biggest fish

Trying to sleep
In the better bed
And to embrace
The whole universe
With the signs, letters and graphs
Inside my texts:
My short stories
And “poems”

VABM Saturday, June 18, 2011

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