domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2014

In front of the mountains of madness

In front of the mountains of madness

Before the mountains of madness
A donkey and I know
All about desire and time

We’ve been traveling
The less effort path
That water draws

But I’m seeing
The stars
Being paled

By the sunshine
Above the mountains of madness

Me that have surfed
The acrid seas
And the ocean of sand

Know all about the stars
Where they will be
Even behind day’s reality

And all about the mountains of madness
Inside every project
Upon hope and desire

Li Tao Po
VABM November 30, 2014

domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2014

My truly love

My truly love

I’ve seen
All of it’s worth
In this wicked world
Behind curtains of love

I’ve been loved
By the truly love
Under passion fruit groves
And the everlasting crop

Beneath grapes
And apples
Who could blame me?
If I’ll loving you

Until the very last instant
Of my stupid
But caring of you
Sorrow life

Because of you
Since Ur
Rivers still flow
My everlasting love

To Elia
VABM Sunday, November 09, 2014

Iron winged angel

Iron winged angel

Medium throttle
Left rudder to the full
Stick to the north

Iron winged angel
Doing his job
Not SAMs at all

No radar signals
Sunset photons
Pushing him

To general’s wahalla
Inside youtube
Straight to the sun

Where a big scares girl
Still believe
You are her love

Nobody in this hell
Really know
What 401k stands for

An unforgettable day
That will always mark
For ever your life

Fifteen seconds
Not more
Above hell

Above common life
After seeing the scares

On mountains
And on your forgotten soul
You know God is mad

Or a very creative one
That still believes
In God

VABM November 9, 2014