lunes, 31 de agosto de 2009

The wound at my umbilical cord

The wound at my umbilical cord

Three point five
Billion years
Have past

And the day
Have arrived

And no more
You are

Here I’m alone
Still suffering
Of the wound
At my umbilical cord

May someone
Love someone
As I miss you now

VABM Sunday, August 30, 2009

viernes, 28 de agosto de 2009

Dog’s love

Dog’s love
I’ve found love
With dogs

Someone taught about
This world
Poor & innocent inheritors

You know
They even haven’t souls

Because sometimes
In my life

Happiness have been drawn
On the thin air
Of my world

By the honest movement
Of tail
Of a dog

VABM August 28, 2009

jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009

A systems engineer I didn´t know

A systems engineer I didn´t know

About his experiences at war
He didn’t talk too much

We’re systems engineers
You know:
Press button to release
Press enter to execute

Wars didn’t left me wounds

I know you’re a poet
I know we share the gusto
For sleek designs

Have you ever thought about
The new afterburners’
Harmonic notes?

I had to confess that not

While friendly fire
Was burning
At sunset’s front:
BBQ & Beer
No greens
Quite a lot

VABM August 27, 2009

lunes, 24 de agosto de 2009

The single bird's tweet

The single bird's tweet
VABM 24-Aug-09
Today I’ve heard
The single bird's tweet

I was
Looking the day’s
Last lighted hours

My world
Was rounding
Thirsty for sex
Disguised as love

And crime and injustice
Around the streets
As usual

When I did notice
That a depression
On a collapsed mountain flank

Shared with me
Some attributes
And names

domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009

Brother's minds

Brother’s minds

To look at the sea
At the day's sky
At the round and flat
Plains’ horizon

To peep at the edge of night
From the border
Of one of our galaxy´s
Spiral branches

Asking myself about
What’s behind
Imagining other minds
Doing the same
At the other side

Sharing curiosity
Separated by space & time

That’s one of my favorite pastimes

VABM 23-Aug-09

viernes, 21 de agosto de 2009



The equation
Has not answers

But every day
Science people

Asks them

And the formula preaches
Recognizing numbers failure

Adjust it quite often

While the universe
Rounds reality

Around time
VABM 21-Aug-09

miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2009

For the guardians of something

For the guardians of something

I’ll just say this:
All of the alarms
Have at least one
Deactivation sequence
For maintenance reasons

For the guardians of the borders
I declare this:
The borders are always
Near the other side
Where the others live
Nobody knows how
Eating their inedible food

For those decorated with the insignia of law:
I have the indisputable
Verdict of justice
The final one
Of the definitive time

For those who have the key
Of the horror that keeps
Territorial integrity complete
I have this count:
For home two is the minimal
The maximum is in tens
Of thousands
None ever talked

For the ones with the powder power
Is this:
When at sunset
The rose clouds
Vanish behind the palms
Where the parrots nest

When they tired come home
I’m also happy tired
Closing my notebook
Because I also have
Another key
To the horrors’ coffer

And the fruits of my work endure best
The oxide of life
The changing lights
And the cumulative effect
Of day’s passing

VABM 13 August 2009

miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2009

Black ants cloud

Black ants cloud

A cloud of big & winged
Black ants
Covered my house’s yard
Last night

Mating and dying season
For the big & winged.
Wonderful feast
For the small & wingless ones

That worked all the morning
Carrying the victims
To their secret fridges

I wonder where
Their offspring lay.
Nature goes on cycles
That time turns on spirals
While God cast loaded dices

Reality is settled by
The repeatable insects
The ones who die
After have hidden its eggs

VABM 12-Aug-09

jueves, 6 de agosto de 2009

When dark comes down

When dark comes down

And mother Zhon said:

¿Does fog cares about hills
While gets fern

¿When like hair
Covering sex
Comes down
Once every day?

¿When like the Chi
Of this universe
Wants to be replicated
On an attenuated reverberation?

Please allow me
To be honest:
None ever had
The faintest clue about

Science talks about
The survival
Of the fittest ones

Religion talks about
Things nobody cares about

And my warrior's culture
Talks about:
Guts and gills

But when fog comes
Down the hills
Like hair hiding sex

When the Chi of this universe
Claims to be replicated
On an faint echo

Still is not clear
Why every where
On this young universe
Beauty is drawn fat

So please allow me
To be honest and innocent
This time:
Nobody have
The faintest clue about
The short span
Of individual life

And by the way:
This life
It's quite ephemeral
To think about

VABM 6-Aug-09

martes, 4 de agosto de 2009

Cloudy Mountain

Cloudy Mountain

Hazy mount
To my north
Between me
And the deep

Wet & fresh
Wise tree’s realm
Never spoiled
By humanity

Green and gray
Spring source
Storm and ray

Caribbean lighthouse
Witness of my clan’s
And calamity

Home to the slimy snail
Nest to birds & snakes
Hide to the totality’s glyph
Lair of pirates

Give me permission
To cross
Across your summit
Through your risks

Your edges that are:
Cold lava echoes
Of earth’s youth
Death rattle

To Ocean’s
Coarse, sparse,
And definitive reality

VABM August 4, 2009