miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2009

For the guardians of something

For the guardians of something

I’ll just say this:
All of the alarms
Have at least one
Deactivation sequence
For maintenance reasons

For the guardians of the borders
I declare this:
The borders are always
Near the other side
Where the others live
Nobody knows how
Eating their inedible food

For those decorated with the insignia of law:
I have the indisputable
Verdict of justice
The final one
Of the definitive time

For those who have the key
Of the horror that keeps
Territorial integrity complete
I have this count:
For home two is the minimal
The maximum is in tens
Of thousands
None ever talked

For the ones with the powder power
Is this:
When at sunset
The rose clouds
Vanish behind the palms
Where the parrots nest

When they tired come home
I’m also happy tired
Closing my notebook
Because I also have
Another key
To the horrors’ coffer

And the fruits of my work endure best
The oxide of life
The changing lights
And the cumulative effect
Of day’s passing

VABM 13 August 2009

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