jueves, 6 de agosto de 2009

When dark comes down

When dark comes down

And mother Zhon said:

¿Does fog cares about hills
While gets fern

¿When like hair
Covering sex
Comes down
Once every day?

¿When like the Chi
Of this universe
Wants to be replicated
On an attenuated reverberation?

Please allow me
To be honest:
None ever had
The faintest clue about

Science talks about
The survival
Of the fittest ones

Religion talks about
Things nobody cares about

And my warrior's culture
Talks about:
Guts and gills

But when fog comes
Down the hills
Like hair hiding sex

When the Chi of this universe
Claims to be replicated
On an faint echo

Still is not clear
Why every where
On this young universe
Beauty is drawn fat

So please allow me
To be honest and innocent
This time:
Nobody have
The faintest clue about
The short span
Of individual life

And by the way:
This life
It's quite ephemeral
To think about

VABM 6-Aug-09

3 comentarios:

  1. muy ciertas tus palabras Victor.

    un abrazo...

  2. Gran poema, realmente la vida es corta, vive Deprisa ;)