lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

My blood’s puddle

My blood’s puddle

I’m like a bird without nest

A flagless soldier

A king without reign

Then I can say

The whole planet

Is my residence

And because

I’m a boss to none

I’m everybody’s brother

Is so ephemeral and small

My blood’s puddle

I’m afraid

I can’t invite

People to drink

From it

Neither advice people

The danger

Of to be drawn in it

And since flags

Don’t tell anything

To me

I wouldn’t offer my blood

To stain flags

For any cause

I’m so honest

I can confess:

I do prefer instead:

To have: coffee, beer

Cigarettes and sex

With a beautiful partner

May she be

An already known love

Or somebody to be learned

VABM May 17, 2010

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