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I would love to say that what follows, is: normal life poetry, written by a quite normal man in his spare time.

Have been said :-)

Any way ¿what are: normal, life, poetry, man and time?


* If something is like you or your every day environment; it is normal.

* Trust me please, Poetry (Capitalized) is what you say it is, and it is not limited to writing.

* If you are not a clone, ask your parents in reference to the word: “Man”, it is good to know the two versions. If you are and also are male you are at a very special moment of your life if you don’t know the word. If you are a female clone, please don’t hate me.

* If you are not human, I’m glad you’re reading this. I’m sure you know more than me about the before mentioned word.

*And for the different kinds of “Time” and “Life” please ask your friendlier and faster teacher: the web. It is possible that some of the texts below appear, if you search for them in it.

And for the other questions, like:

¿Who am I?

My name is Víctor A. Bueno M. I’m Venezuelan, I was born at Colombia in 1959.

¿Why I have written this?

I want to be a very rich writer, and you know I’ve failed; any way I insist in writing because I’m unemployed and have a lot of spare time.

¿What I want to buy with your money?

A ticket to a south hemisphere city to see if it is true that toilet’s water turns on the contrary down there.

¿What’s in this for me?

I don’t know (IDK).

¿Why I’m reading this?

IDK. Please leave a comment or send me a message about.

¿What means “Flushing Time”?

It is the time an estuary needs to replace its water.

¿Why I’m using it as the title?

It sounded good to me; also I like to think that if life were liquid, my flushing time is equal to my life span.

¿Did you catch it?

I like to waste my unemployment time writing this kind of crap.

And by the way, ¿what is that stuff of the time spin?

Well, the subtitle is all that remains of the things I did try to write about déjà vu,time’s momentum and the things repeating.


VABM May 12, 2010

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