jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

Like a tree’s leaf

Like a tree’s leaf

Sometimes I’ve felt myself trapped
Out of place, prisoner of distance and speed
Of circumstances and location on time and space
Like a tree’s leaf in a spider’s web

But what is the right place for a tree’s leaf
After it have left its branch on the tree
Pulled by the wind or by other means
And what is the right time for it to leave

Does the leaf dream of soil?
Or asks for more branch connection time?
Or demands softer winds?
I think nobody can really answer this

I’ve foreseen easy to evade tragedies
But the actors and actresses
Who played
Me included

Were trapped
By a system, a way of life, a script
That kept us captivated
As a leaf floating on the wind

VABM May 5, 2010

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