domingo, 14 de septiembre de 2014

Today, now, at this very instant

At this very instant

Inside of
The uncatchable by signs
-As everything is-
Gray of this day

I’ve found
-Behind the whitish curtains of rain-
The ray
And I suppose the thunder

Below a colored like clouds
And bleak & nobody's
White moon


          A caterpillar
          -Red dots in a yellow string-
          Overlooked by an undecided bird
          Was creeping a cactus leaf
          And a monster of the Amazon
          Was beginning to be used
          To be captured

          In a pesqueiro
          -Near a big city-
          Every seven days

All of us surrounded by
The last surviving bones
Of a dinosaurs pack

An indifferent ovary
-Overloaded with ripened eggs-
Suggested to me
That I should appreciate her

More than a ten kilos fish
-Much more-
With a look
That still shook me

VABM September 14, 2014

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