martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

Spheres made of spheres

Spheres made of spheres

On a rain pond
Rain drops make
Perfectly round
Circular waves

Slow motion photons
From a red neon sign
Bounce on them
Saying: DANCE

While red, yellow and green
Semaphore lights
Roll people and cars
Like streams

My limit this night
Is the same of…
My credit card.
Because I need to write that:

From the quarks and below
Until the great hyper-sphere
That contain us

In this labyrinth
That includes us
Galaxy clusters
Our pets and human loves

Pond waves and raindrops
Even atoms
Are just:
Spheres made of spheres

To Erwin Conte Corvera as a compensation
VABM May 31, 2011

Image taken without authorization from

Safe Creative #1105319343196