lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

My favorite pill

My favorite pill

If you’re sad
There is a pill
That can make you glad

If you can’t sleep
There are different kinds of pills
For different kind of dreams

There are a lot of pills
For the endless dream
And one to wake up

But you must use them
At the right time
And the correct amount

I’m fifty
I’m a little skeptic
So I did a test

I did swallow it
And waited
For the same thirst

That at eighteen
Made me to wait in a row
To waste my savings

In a quick recreation
Of some of the processes
Of humans reproduction

In vane I did wait
So I did duplicate the dose
Without noticeable results

I came back home
A little sad
Missing the old times

But I use to cure
This kind of gloom
With plain booze

So in the way
I did sip inside me
An imprudent alcohol amount

The before mentioned pill
Did its work at three a. m.
When I was sleeping at home

I do live now alone
And I’m a little wary now
To leave home at that hour

May be I was overdosed
Because the infamous pill
Make me to play again

My favorite game
When I was twelve
And needed not company at all

VABM April 25, 2010

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