jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

Birds traveling chants

Woodpecker nest

Birds traveling chants

A flock of oceanic birds
Have passed flying in the night
Above where I was

Like with crowded planes
Like with commuter trains at sunset
I’ve felt the air loaded with impatience

Guided perhaps
By the stars
Or the earth’s magnetic field

Their traveling chants
To keep together the pack
Told me stories

Of warmer waters and lands
Lots of good food
And nests packed with eggs

About the urge to mate
When Mother Nature mandates
And one is urged

About how little sunny days last
When you’re busy
With DNA recombination tasks

And about how insignificant
Other’s problems and lives are
When you’re building

Your very own house
With your other half
Guided by Mother Nature hands

How predictable the results are
When she commands
And you can and want

This night I’ve heard
The announce of new lives
Mixed with the birds traveling chants

While I was waiting
In the night
For inspiration to write

VABM April 21, 2010

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