lunes, 1 de junio de 2009

Jaguar’s dream

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  1. This stirred my heart and made the hair stand up on my neck. You've touched on something very primal and deep my friend.

  2. This is yours:

  3. beautiful

    i like the last line

    the world dreams jaguar
    and jaguar dreams world

    what is jaguar a metaphor for, in your own mind? it seems like an open concept that the reader can put anything into. what did you intend to symbolize with the jaguar?

  4. All of the predators symbolize beauty and power.
    Jaguar’s dream

    Quetzalcoatl priest’s teach
    Night is the time to forget
    To wait and rest

    Therefore only at day
    It’s allowed to hunt
    And jaguar is sacred

    To dream on jaguars
    Is very bad omen
    To dream of hunting them

    To pursue its steps
    After the dark have fall
    Over earth

    Only to imagine their blood
    Being drank by flies
    Its elasticity turned dust

    The power of its claws
    Being erased
    And turned on stone

    It’s far more
    Than anyone can afford
    On profanity and sin

    So it’s said
    On the southern region
    Of the atshcasca valley

    That who dream on jaguars
    Soon will begin a journey,
    But will return

    And the one who dream
    On hunting them,
    Will not

    Because very few know
    the world dreams jaguar
    and jaguar dreams world

    Dasha Lilith Desir and VABM 6/3/2009

  5. Oh wow! I got my name somehow into your beautiful poem. How lovely. Beauty and Power....what a combination. I love this poem. Thanks for the explanation.