jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009

Politicians Know

Politicians Know

They know what is good for all of us
And the perfect equilibrium
Between the amount of enemies
And own sons
To sacrifice to the war’s God

They know how many bridges to blow
To get to the construction ministry’s job
You applied
And didn’t obtain an interview call

They belong to the society’s top layer
Or will belong pretty soon
If you leave them alone
To do their work

Some people think “The Business”
Is oil, defense, finance, food or construction
But all of the other business
Sales, investments and so on
Depend on politic decisions

Their not so secret
Massive destruction means
Are so effective because

No matter what you feel or judge

We’re all specialized insects
Searching for a place
In an already occupied honeycomb

Poets, actors and news writers
Sing at every moment
Politicians’ love songs

So when politicians answer your email
Were the former who already
Have commented your blog posts

VABM Thursday, October 29, 2009

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