jueves, 22 de octubre de 2009

Wolf’s legacy

Wolf’s legacy

A dog I know
Shakes cooked food
Taken from my hand
As wolfs shake
Rabbits by the neck

And tamp floor tiles
To prepare its bed
Remembering the times
Her grand grand grand pa wolf
Slept on the bare ground

While I’m writing this
I’m wondering about
What I’m repeating
Now useless
From my grand grand grand pa ape

In the fluorescent labyrinths
Highway jam ultrared sunsets
Predawn goodbyes
And alcohol flooded breaks
I spend my dimes of time

Candidates occurring to me now are:
My jealousy comedies
When I fall in love
And the gang rules
I use to call friendship

But as you may know
I’m not an expert
I’m just another blogger
Waiting for comments
In the jungle of the web

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