lunes, 26 de octubre de 2009

The luminous man

The luminous man

Strange clouds
Shaped like smoke rings
And the top
Of palm trees

It is foreseen
Will announce the arrival
Of the luminous man
From the stars

The fourth man
Who will only eat
One meat:
The one of the third man

And that only
On special occasions
Like the pijiguao(1)
Harvesting time

About the final man
It is said that
They will don’t need to walk
Across the bush or streams

Because machines
Will walk for them
And that woman and men
Will be the same on strength

I’m just translating
What I’ve been told
This is just another of
The native legends

I really do love
Being as I am
A quite common
Specimen of the third man

(1)Bactris gasipaes

VABM October 26, 2009
Wikimedia Commons User: Chris 73

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