sábado, 31 de octubre de 2009

And yet another stupid love poem

And yet another stupid love poem

Since I bade you farewell
There’s a big & red scare
Of deceased flesh
Flattened in my chest
Like a highway dead snake

¿Would you please
Come back to me again?
So the future can be
As those times

When both crept pursued
Our ambitions and interests together
Preparing ourselves for the next
Applied love workshop examination

I’m talking about
Before our common projects
Were over weighted
By our individual interests

Let me come back again babe
Let us pass together
All of the applied love workshop
Experiments and examinations

Let us obtain at least
The sufficiency grade
In the lab of connivance
And in all of the other tests
May God, nature or the government
Be pleased to send us

Come on babe
Let us turn into a habit
Our entire cosmic love allocation

VABM October 31, 2009

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