miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2009

The fool on the couch

The fool on the couch

The highest grade of blue
Before black
Tints my west sky

Here am I:
The infidel on all religions
The outsider on all complots
The placebo on all tests
The skeptic on all conclusions
The stranger on all homelands

Looking at the stars

Waiting for something unusual

The fool on the couch
With a redundant E3 link
Quad 3 MHz processors laptop
Burning my belly button

Unable to think
About anything

Savoring slowly
My three beers
Top limit

Glad September
Reaches only thirty

VABM 9/30/2009

2 comentarios:

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  2. wow!! i LOVE this poem, especially the second stanza :] thank you for posting. -jay