martes, 2 de marzo de 2010

For you

For you

Unborn yet

Who will try in vain
In a third class school
To memorize
The formula that tells all
About echoes and waves

And how light propagates
Across horizons
And time & space

Are these five raised up

Because I’m afraid of
The horrible future beehives
And I’ve always thought
That our reality is light delimited

And that there must be
A lot of living things
Sensible to a wider range
Of temptations

So please friend
Have a lot in my name
Below a swallows crowded
Normal yellow sunset

Today I had a lot
Of beer & rum
With the people
Who’s in charge

None of us
Have to think
About feathers
In a fried chicken plate

They taught me that
Writers and the people
Who shovels chicken shit
Needs to drink a lot

And I’ve agreed with them

VABM March 2, 2010

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