lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010



Universe size & age
Its expansion
At least in my humble opinion
Is a: ¡Wow!


That everything moves and eventually will go
That everyone rocks or sucks on occasions
That the beauty and the ugliness
Are inside, behind the eyes

The life’s resilience and the easy of death
That the sum of all of the hate
Is less than the one of
All of the love

The life’s mesh
The individual isolation
The interspecies
Universal connectedness

Solitude & silence at mountains, deserts & sea
And at all of the places where one can read
The book of the God’s works written in first person
And intuit its gradual and periodical way of work

Some rivers, verses, eyes, sunsets, kisses,
Decorated stones, laughs & dawns
Some people I see trough lenses
Painted of desire and/or love

Some cyclical mistakes
Some painful poems
I always compose
Without any remorse                   

I’m almost sure
That a mad Greek
Poet & warrior
Priest of a forgotten religion

Already did write this
Two and a half thousand years ago.
Please include you