martes, 19 de abril de 2011

About void and porosity

About void and porosity

Everything is almost void
Full of space
Inside it
Believe me pal

Just spheres decaying
In elliptical spirals
Into fire balls

Me and the rest of creatures
Of this oceanic pond
Of this planetary
Vapor of the mouth

Feeling the earth attraction
And the moon’s pull
Stressing mountains and seas

Inside even us
There are just particles
Rounding nucleus
“That has almost all of the mass”

Waves of gravity
Silently pass
Across everything
Even all of us

For humans are the questions:
Like the appropriate temperature
Of the light wind
And the difference between
A mirage and a sand storm

The answers belong
To the human´s God:
The right scales & dimensions
And the difference between
Right and wrong

Moon: So close, so far
Sun: So distant, so hot
God: So vaporous, so porous