viernes, 4 de julio de 2014

Electric dog

Electric dog

Sliding over the planet
The tires of my car
A beautiful machine itself
Take me to rest
At my house

My electric dog
Waves its tail
A full automatic
Web of things
Waits for me

Protected by
An electric fence
We shall ingest
The right amount of food
Our bodies need

To grow
To prosper
To be healthy
And happily successful

It’s a kind of magic
But you won’t believe it
Until you can afford it
And see the miraculous
Bank notes

I know of a pill
That will induce me
Electric dreams
I do know
I’m another dog

But I’m the one
That survived
Another revolution
For the good
Of man and earth

To Coquito Bueno
In memoriam

VABM July 4, 2014

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